Reign of the Shining Prince

Hantei II is ruling over a still new empire that is quickly expanding. Traditions and rules are being established while new families build their castles and dojos, developing new and incredible techniques to help achieve their roles as established by Hantei I. It is a time of opportunity.

However, many records of the early day of the empires have been lost. This left much for interpretation by historians that might have lead you to believe the Emperor faced less challenges then what is believed. Indeed, the Dragon Clan had a more humble beginning then the imperial history records suggest, starting only from a minor clan and before reaching major clan status later on.

The Dragon Clan Champion, Togashi Kizu is searching far and wide for brave samurais, cunning diplomats, wise shugenjas and charismatic monks to join the Dragon and help it rise above it original status during the reign of the shining prince.

The PCs heed that call but will they succeed in their quest or leave that task to other heroes and legends?

Rise of the Dragon

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