Rise of the Dragon

Battle vs. Akayari

War bring no one to enlightenment

It is true what they say, “War bring no one to enlightenment.” While I have not yet had to endure a full scale war, the various battles and skirmishes that I faced over the summer were more than enough to convince me.

The worst came at the end of the summer when my friend Ming-la was injured and rather than allow us to get her proper medical care, the enemy chose to attack again. After ignoring my plea to avoid fighting, I was forced to injure several of their warriors in order to protect the clan holdings.

I know that it was necessary, but I can’t help feeling that if I had only had a chance to talk to them before the fighting began that perhaps the needless bloodshed could have been averted. It also can’t help the clan any when half the warriors sent to defend a tower are too badly injured to keep fighting.

So now I’ve been put in charge of some people to help me do just that. I plan to mold them into an organization of diplomats and courtiers who will be able to keep track of how our neighbors feel about us and give us a chance to find common ground and resolve our differences peacefully.

+10 XP

-5 glory or infamy for Inactivity for Kazuya and Rokuro, who spent some time during the down time for crafting.
-6 glory or infamy for Inactivity for all other characters.
+6 Glory for all players for the Battle of Swam Lake
+1 Glory for all players for having saved Ming-La in the skirmish
+3 Duty points for Yuto for having trained is army
+2 Duty points for Ayaka for having trained young duelist
+1 Glory for Kazuya new garden.
+2 Glory for Rokuro weapon craftmenship
+1.5 Status for the promotion in the Agasha Familly and the Dragon Clan
+1.5 Glory for having gain a new rank in the dragon familly.


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