Rise of the Dragon

Battle Without Honor

From Ikoma Sozen, Lion Ambassador to the Dragon Clan, to Akodo Daiki, High General of the Lion Clan 5th Army

The forces of the Dragon marched upon the barbarian Akayari army in Spring 137.

My informants tell me the battle began with a duel that the Dragon won through cheating. While the Dragon surrendered the culprit to the enemies they no less tried to kill their leader with deceit as part of a larger ruse. The Agasha familly Daimyo seems to have been implicated in that ruse and it shows the Dragon have no real sense of honor.

Early on, the barbarian army had the upper hand but eventually the Dragon magic and the general’s cunning led to a narrow victory from the Dragon. I suggest we should worry about such magic and watch their general closely.

However, my informants report that at the end of the battle, further signs of lack of Dragon honor were demonstrated when Matsu Yuto killed a captain of the Akayari army as he fled, arrows in the back.

I will keep a close watch on the Agasha family with further reports to follow.

2 XP for everyone
2 pts Glory for everyone for participating on the winning side of the battle
5 Duty Points to everybody for development of the Agasha lands by Rokurou’s Steel Hammers and Agasha IPO at the Daimyo’s direction
3 Duty Points to everybody for defeating the enemy’s army and securing the Agasha lands
Ayaka gains 4 pts Honor for facing a superior foe by attacking the enemy spellcaster and general in single combat
Ayaka gains 2 pts Honor for showing mercy to her opponent in the duel
Ayaka gains 1 pt Glory for winning the duel
Yuto loses 5 pts Honor for shooting a fleeing enemy in the back
Goru gains 1 pt Infamy for winning the duel through nefarious means
Goru loses 2 pts Honor for being an accomplice to Heisuke’s betrayal
Goru gains 4 pts Honor for bringing Heisuke to justice and being truthful to his Daimyo
Goru loses 4 pts Honor for setting the scene for Heisuke to attempt an assassination
Masayuki loses 6 pts Honor for setting the scene for Heisuke to attempt an assassination


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