Rise of the Dragon

Crouching Lion, Hidden Dragon

or the Tale of an Amazing Sword that really I could make a better one someday

To my esteemed mother,

Chisuzu has promised that this letter will arrive in your hands as soon add possible after returning to Crab lands. As to what my beloved little sister has been up to in these past months, I will leave it to you and Father to ask of her.

We have recently returned from the mountains to Dragon Origin. You may wonder why any souls should choose to travel during the winter, but the boredom of the outer villages would drive even a Dragon to drink. However, on our journey back, even with the foul weather, I was able to construct a fortress of snow that maybe even Grandfather could appreciate.

It seems during our journey in the mountains that a group of Lion bushi had arrived in Dragon Origin and were causing trouble. I first heard of it when Mirumoto Yukari-sama stopped by my lodgings and informed me of a Lion samurai wielding quite the amazing sword. I doubted that it could rival that of our greatest Kaiu engineers, and agreed to have a look for myself.

We were tasked to do something about the Lion bushi’s troublemaking, and it seems one of my companions, Togashi Kazuya made himself known to the Lion bushi, and found himself having to face the Lion duelist the next day. Now, Kazuya-san does not own a sword, but one of our Crab brethren loaned him a katana for the duel.

The Lion duelist turned out to be the sister of Mirumoto Ayaka, having turned away from the Dragon to become part of the Lion. She carried a sword that, although impressive, I am certain the design could be improved upon with some Kaiu ingenuity. Kazuya-san held his own quite well against a professional duelist, and then Ayaka-san and (Lion duelist’s name) had words, and another duel was fought. (Lion Duelist) was humiliated by Mirumoto Ayaka drawing first blood from her cheek.

Since then, it seems the city has calmed. I would like to take another look at that sword, however.

Our next journey will be back to Ohira. Chisuzu, I believe, has some stories for you and Father from the region.

- Rokurou

+3 XP – All Characters
+ 5 Glory – All characters for their promotion to Status Rank 1.5
+ 1 Glory – All characters to make it back to Dragon Origin in the winter
+ 1 Infamy for Heisuke for stealing medical supply
- 2 Glory for Kazuya for loosing his duel with Akodo Mitsuru
+ 5 Honor for Kazuya for facing a superior opponent
+ 4 Glory for Ayaka for winning her duel with Akodo Mitsuru
+ 5 Honor for Ayaka for facing a superior opponent
+ 2 Glory for Kazuya for showing that his a better storyteller then Ikoma Sozen twice


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