Rise of the Dragon

The Drunken Daimyo

To Mirumoto Migumi,

My Lord Husband drinking has caused me many difficulties but I have a group of young samurais that will help organize the Agasha familly despite my husband inability to unite the clan.

I hope you can put your trust into them.

Agasha Izumi,

+6 Glory Pts – Story telling for Kazuya great storytelling.
+6 Glory Pts – Ayaka Iajutsu Demonstration from his dojo
+ 2 honor for Ayaka enduring an insult from his sensei
-3 Glory Pts – Inactivity for Heisuku -2 pts for all others
+ 2 To Honor For Acknowledging His Weakness Heisuke
+ 1 Glory for Winning for Yuto’s
+ 3 Glory for Crafting Rokuro
+ 2 Honor fo Heisuke’s for covering the Daimyo Drunk
Stipend, All PCs get their Status x 3 Koku
+3 XP for all Characters
+ 3 Duty Points for All Characters Organization


Philature Philature

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