Rise of the Dragon

Goru vs. 100

Wherein the Agasha family welcomes the Akiyari back to the fold

After numerous delays, we began to put an army together to convert the Akiyari. Before the army was ready, Heisuke came to me to scout out the enemy forces, so I gathered up a few Dragon Scale scouts and joined up with Heisuke, Rokuro, and Ayaka-chan.

After a few days of travel, avoiding any pointless encounters, we found a small army of about a hundred “soldiers”. I sent the scouts back to the Daimyo with all the reports we’d made of the enemy locations and prepared to gather intelligence on the enemy camp.

Heisuke wanted to “scout” out the enemy, Rokuro wanted to build a strong point for us to retreat to in the case of trouble. When Heisuke signaled us, Ayaka-chan and I charged the camp. These so-called “soldiers” were nothing more than armed civilians and they scattered before us.

The leader showed up just long enough to shoot an arrow our way, but fled as soon as I offered to fight her. She ran all the way to a nearby guard tower where some real soldiers shot me with arrows as I broke down the door.

Inside the leader and someone (perhaps the commander of the tower?) attacked me. Her poison arrow had no effect on me (who uses poison on a Crab? She’d be better off trying to drown a fish) and the commander fared little better. I introduced them to Grandpa (as well as some of the soldiers in the tower), before returning to Rokuro’s stronghold.

After resting a night to let Heisuke recover from the poison, we returned to meet the Agasha army. When we met with the Akiyari army the Daimyo decided to negotiate a peaceful absorption of the Akiyari. Luckily this will trigger several other barbarian tribes to attack the Akiyari (who are now under our protection), so there should be ample opportunities for me to practice my craft.

Ayaka, Goru, and Rokurou gain 1 point of glory for winning the battle
2 XP for everyone
12 Duty Points each for annexing Cypress Town


We have a new Phoenix diplomat and I hope she is of benefit to my family or the Dragon clan, because I find little to like about her at this time. Luckily for the Agasha my Scorpion cousin is attending the Summer Imperial Court and is willing to gather information and delay the efforts of the Phoenix and Crane in presenting the Remiki.

The reports we received from the peacekeepers were of limited use as they contain few names and characteristics of those we may be dealing with. I will have to ensure that I ask them to collect that information when engaging outsiders but then again they have only recently expanded their skills and size so perhaps I should be more patient.

For now I am content that the events leading to our absorption of the Cedar Town Akiyari have been solely beneficial to the Agasha. Akiyari Kai seemed to have no difficulties with the deaths of those who planned to attack us and instead was interested in how he may strengthen his family, better protect his town and gain the skills of shugenja among the youth of his people. In a single week we have killed an important enemy leader among the Akiyari, begun the process towards assimilation of the Akiyari tribe lead by Kai-kun , gained better control of the Blue Cypress Forest lands and been given intelligence on our next set of enemies.

We will soon be hunting a mixed tribal army of our enemies of the eastern side of the Blue Cypress River. Hopefully some of Matsu Yuko’s forces will be able to join us from the south so that we can crush this army between a two pronged attack. We have found a half dozen potential shugenja students among Kai’s children and hopefully will find more in the residents of Cedar Town when we return. I have ordered the engineers, craftsmen and shugenja to begin the fortification of Cedar Town. I will be trying to convince Kai that leaving the engineers and craftsmen here to continue the building efforts while Hida-kun’s military forces and some of Kai-kun’s willing warriors hunt the MTA is the most suitable use of the Agasha and Akiyari forces in Cedar town.

This sudden change in fortunes has lead me to change the IPO construction plans and may even lead to a change in the efforts of the Steel Hammers.

I must discover if the Remiki delegation have already left the Iron Fortress, because the best way to derail their adoption by the Phoenix as a minor family is to either take the Iron Fortress back or to hold them in a siege so that they may not attend the Summer Imperial Court. I hope must discuss this with Togashi Kizu as well as the daimyo’s of the Togashi and Mirumoto families.

The spiritual and cultural similarities seems to be enough to begin an assimilation these Akiyari but we must ensure that there are noticeable benefits to the Akiyari without taking away to much of their independence. There seems to be a fierce pride of independence among them and while it similar to the Dragon clan’s thoughts on independence we also understand that interdependence is often better for the greater good.

Our forces will soon be hunting another army consisting mainly of Akiyari who do not follow the similar spiritual paths but afterwards we should increase the efforts of the peacekeepers in encouraging the worship of the Kami and embracing the Tao of Shinsea.

Goru vs. 100
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