Rise of the Dragon

Imperial Summer Court

Wherein the Rimiki rejoin the Agasha family

I am so confused about what happened this summer. It all started when we went down to summer court to stop the Rimiki from attaining the status of a minor clan.

I realized that we could most easily block them by arguing that they had never succeeded from the Dragon clan in the first place. After all if they had left the clan then that would have meant that they left the empire, and that would have meant turning their back on the Emperror.

Once I realized this I put my plan into action. I passed my arguments along to the Otamo courtiers (while pretending that I was merely “figuring out” their plans). I also suggested that they pass this along to the Crane and the Phoenix. Since their manipulation of the Rimiki could be interpreted as a violation of the Emperor’s order to not attack the Dragon, this would give everyone a face saving method of backing out. For all of this advice they thanked me with a “gift” of gold

That’s when things started getting confusing. The Crane invited us over for dinner where they gave us “ancient Isawa” gold (aka Rimiki gold) which I assumed was in thanks for the warning. But just to be certain (I often have difficulty knowing what a courtier is really saying), I repeated my warning about the potential loss of face when the Emperor made his “decision”. Since the gold they gave us was the same as the gold the Imperials gave me, I was under the impression that the Crane and Imperials were working to leave the Phoenix in the lurch.

The only possible wrinkle I can see in their plan was that Masayuki-sama allowed a Phoenix to close out the “arguments” to the Imperials. While it is possible that this had some consequences that I haven’t noticed, the end result seems to be exactly as I expected. The Rimiki once again officially acknowledge their vassel status to the Agasha family.

However the Crane seem to be acting as though things didn’t progress exactly as they had been informed of. While it may be good acting, I’m not certain why they would choose to put on such a show for me. They kept saying that the circumstances are different, but I don’t know what they are referring to.

On the plus side, we’re marching out to battle the Yobanjin now. I find the battlefield a much less confusing environment than a social court. There is something to be said about an environment where violence is always considered a reasonable solution.

- Hida Goru

+8 Duty Points for the “Isawa” gold since the daimyo did not accept his share.
+50 Duty points for absorbing the Remiki into the Dragon Clan once again.
+5 XP for all PCs.
-2 Honor Points for Hida Goru for various minor breach of etiquette involving the Crane diplomats and delegation.
+1 Glory Points for Isawa Yuki Ice Sculpture given to the Emperor.


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