Rise of the Dragon

Lord Moon's Curse

Kazuya's fall

Incident report, Toshi Myiu, Temple of Lord Moon

H, in company of Matsu Yuto, Kuni Rokurou, Agasha Masayuki, and Togashi Kazuya (deceased)

Acting on information that the assault on Yuto and Rokurou was ordered by the abbot of the Temple of Lord Moon, we forced our way in. Kazuya claimed that he could sense Kuni Chisuzu (who had been missing for several days, see previous report) and 6 others in the main chamber of the upper floor. It would be valuable to learn the extent and source of his power, but as Kazuya died in the battle I am about to recount, we will need to locate a different subject to study.

Chisuzu was unconscious and laid out on the altar. She had been poisoned by the abbot, who displayed the antidote in order to incite an attack. Three reinforcements from downstairs joined the abbot in an attempt to seal off retreat. While I eventually killed the abbot, and captured his yojimbo (a Phoenix under daimyo Isawa Sugoi, and reporting to Isawa Izuru), 2 temple guards and 5 bandits, I was not able to do so in time to save Kazuya from the abbot’s spells.

Later questioning revealed that the bandits had been ordered by a local bandit lord to kill all of us, leaving Masayuki unharmed. Bandits have been executed. Investigation into bandit lord to follow.

The yojimbo was permitted seppuku.

Upon awakening, Chisuzu identified a scroll in the temple that had been used to curse Masayuki. I have obtained this scroll and separated it for safety.

+3 XP to all Players
-10 Honor for Agasha Masayuki for trying avenge Kazuya with a test of honor.
+10 Honor for Agasha Masayuki by showing courtersy and kindness to someone below his station by letting Shiba Kiu, the Yojimbo of Bankei, to commit seppuku and sent a letter to his wife.
+5 Honor to all surviving PC for facing a superior opponent in Agahsa Bankei.
+1 Glory to all surviving PC for having survived an encounter.


Notes to self.

1. Top priority is to break the curse, and ensure that those of us who were at the temple do not bear any residual effects. I’ve been assured that a brief ritual at a series of shrines will serve.

2. Chisuzu believes that I have the scroll, and does not trust me. In this, she has demonstrated a degree of determination, although no particular competence. I intend to entrust her with one of the seven fragments to protect. It should do little harm if somebody steals it, and then they will have her to deal with.
2a. As we are scheduled to visit Dragon Origin, I intend to pay the Togashi monks a visit. I wish to know more about them before I decide whether to entrust them with a scroll.

3. Masayuki has asked that Isawa Izuru be killed. I last saw him at the Onsen, and will have my people begin their search there.

Lord Moon's Curse

I am haunted. Not haunted by my dishonorable failure to avenge Togashi Kazuya’s death but rather haunted by Togashi Kazuya himself. His spirit comes to me with advice and some bit of badgering but it has in some way lessened the interference of the group of kami that were torturing me. These particular kami continue to badger me with pleading to use them me but their offers are no longer are constant and torturous. While being a drunkard these last few months has been a distraction for the Agasha court and likely caused some concern to my lord and my court, it was at the time my only defense against this collection of kami’s efforts to break me. I am now able to function well as the Agasha family Daimyo without ingesting great quantities of alcohol constantly, but it does seem that I have developed an unfortunate drinking habit to the point of compulsion. I must watch myself in regards to when and where it is appropriate to be drinking to excess.

I am still unable to cast spells without their hints at further power for less cost but I have learned in my life to question the motives of people who made similar offers. Thus I will continue to apply that concern in my dealing with these particular kami. I must use blood at the moment to cast spells and I will continue to limit my casting because of the collection of kami around me. I have continued mine and my organization’s investigations into Alchemy as a means to augment our spell casting as well as for it’s benefits to the clan. While we have not discovered any offensive uses for the lore and craft of Alchemy we have come upon some uses not directly related to shugenja magics. I must discuss those discovery’s uses with my lord Togahsi when we next meet.

I hope that Kuni Chisuzu’s understanding of this scroll’s workings will allow the curse of Lord Moon to be removed from myself and the head shugenja of the Agasha school, Agasha Sohei, without it jumping to any of the survivors of the incident at the Temple of Lord Moon. Kuni Chisuzu investigations have pointed out that the curse should only been able to be applied directly against shugenja and her examinations of other important members of the Agasha court, at my request, seems to have borne out her assertion.

While Kuni Chisuzu has refused to comment on the location of the scroll I now believe she has lost it. She has not admitted such to me, but one of my newest vassal’s has come to me with a concern. Matsu Yuko asked if kami could be trusted as sources of testimony, in regards to a potential charge of theft against one of his vassal. Since Yuko only knows two shugenja; myself and the woman he loves, Kuini Chisuzu, it becomes obvious she has lost something of importance to one of his vassals. And what current possession could be so important to her that she would ask the man who loves her to secure it’s return? The answer is simply, the scroll containing the curse of Lord Moon.

Since one of his vassals, Agasha Heisuke was with us during our investigations and was of great use in having his people interrogate the surviving criminals, I believe I know who now has the scroll. He is a very pleasant fellow who runs a decent establishment called the Loney Lark and as a former member of the Scorpion clan he has proven himself very capable in his duties to the Agasha.

Unfortunately I had mentioned that I wish Isawa Izuru dead in Agasha Heisuke’s presence and now I am concerned he may have taken that as veiled request to have Isawa Izuru assassinated. While it is pleasing to discover I have a former member of the Scorpion clan willing to work, in some situations, towards the benefit of the Agasha family I must at some point soon stress the importance of information about and from Isawa Izuru on the intent and origin of these attacks upon the Dragon clan. While the yojimbo admitted that he was a directly ordered by Isawa Sugoi, the Isawa Family Daimyo, to go with and obey Isawa Izura it does not mean that Isawa Sugoi was the originator of these attacks.

A spy you know is best used in secret so I will keep Agasha Heisuke close to me, but away from the Agasha court as often as possible. Heisuke’s efforts in finding the bandit leader inside our lands will likely prove fruitful, but I believe that the bandit leader must be interrogated so as to discover if he was a simple pawn lead by offers of wealth or if he is a member of an organization aimed at the downfall of the Agasha family.

I must remember to discuss my intent to see Matsu Yuko and Kuni Chisuzu married with both my wife and my new brother-in-law Hida Goru. While Kuni Chisuzu will no doubt maintain her air of independence and the stubborn Kuni shugenja wariness I could then appoint her as a special magistrate of the Agasha family. I will need to ask my wife what be considered an appropriate arrangement to allow Kuni Chisuzu to continue in her current Kuni shugenja school once she has married Matsu Yuko and sworn fealty to the Agahsa family Daimyo. The marriage may be helped along by the fact her twin brother Kuni Rokurou has recently become a vassal of the Agasha family. I must remember to inquire about any current marriage discussions for Rokurou as well.

It seems I misunderstood the intent of the Crab clan in requesting that any large offspring of the union of Hida Goru and my sister, Agasha Hitomi should be sent to their bushi school if they showed no talent as shugenja. It was unfortunate that information about Hida-kun did not include mention of his diminutive stature as I convinced my tallest sister of the benefit’s of this marriage to the Agasha family and herself. After all I believed that both of their interests in hunting would make for an activity they may share outside of their duties to the Agasha family. Their marriage seems to please both of them, but the wedding had a few unfortunate instances of disharmonious impropriety in regards to their differences in height.

As to the current disharmonious elements in my own court and marriage, I must endeavor to find solutions and to that end I will be making inquiries and where necessary altering mine and other’s outlooks, behaviors and actions. I foresee that in the case of my marriage I may have to change my opinions on at least one or two of my wife’s interests in artisan and performance skills and practices. I think that my easiest effort for now would be to apply some of the lessons I and my organization has learned into the practice of not only of farming but also that of ornamental gardens.

Lord Moon's Curse

Chisuzu came to me with concerns about the scroll she had retrieved from the Temple of Lord Moon – she told me that she believes Agasha Heisuke had taken the scroll, and wanted me to do something about it. I reminded her that he was former Scorpion clan, and who could out-sneak a scorpion? She seemed to accept this then as a given that she would likely not receive the scroll back.

I also reminded her of her duty to our family and our clan. She thought it was obvious that she would send the information to the Kuni elders, but it seems she needed reminding that regardless of the loss of the scroll, it is the information that is valuable. She tells me she had taken some notes about the scroll and had some way of tracking or detecting the curse. Further discussion led to her resolving to send what information she has at present to the Kuni daimyo.

I have been hearing further rumours of a marriage offer for Chisuzu. Best of luck to the man who would try to capture the wind. Given the usual trouble that seems to gather around my sister like a cloud, I am hoping the claws of the Crab’s duty will move her elsewhere for a time, although then it would be more difficult to keep an eye on her. Dilemma of dilemmas! Trouble at arms reach or trouble where I cannot see?

Lord Moon's Curse
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