Rise of the Dragon

The Blessing of a Kami

The thoughts of Kuni Rokurou
I am really annoyed with Chisuzu, yet happy that she thought it best to come to myself and to Hida Goru when she had suspicions of Taint. Except she didn’t warn us right away that it was the Agasha Sensei she was suspicious of. It seems that even now as adults my twin manages to get both of us into trouble through no fault of my own.

“tripping” into him with some jade led to a rather unpleasant encounter. Even after being ordered by Hida Goru to come with us to discuss the issue, the Sensei refused. Chisuzu had a quite impressive Jade Strike, and I thought Hida Goru did pull back on his blow with the tetsubo. Too late. I went running for Agasha Masayuki.

An investigation ensued, followed by a court trial. At least the Taint appears to be cleared at present.

We then travelled to Dragon Origin for the spring session. The curse of Lord Moon needed to be cleared. On arrival, it appeared a festival was to take place. The Togashi himself led the ceremony, including the drinking of some sake (which tasted a bit off) that led to a sudden burst of energy and understanding.

A later report to the Clan Daimyo with the heads of the other families and their entourages led to a confrontation between Agasha Masayuki and the lead Phoenix clan diplomat – she denied at length that they were in any way responsible for the curse being placed among the Agasha shugenja.

We have choices ahead now, and many things that need to be done. There is the corruption that continues in the Agasha courts. There are refugees and gangs in the streets of the city. There are barbarians to be quelled. And there is the Remiki family holding of the Iron Fortress to be dealt with in one way or another. It sounds like the Remiki will be accompanying Crane and Phoenix diplomats to the summer Imperial Court at the City of Summer Breeze.

But more importantly, I am getting married. Agasha Masayuki and the Mirumoto have negotiated a marriage between myself and Mirumoto Ayaka. I look forward to the day.

+120 XP for obtaining a Kami blessing.
+ 60 Duty points for uniting the Agasha family
+3 glory pts for Rokuro beautifull fan.
+6 glory pts for all PC for behind acknowledge by a Clan Daimyo.


If we have united the Agahsa Family does that mean we have less corruption to deal with? Does it mean that it will be easier to find the bandit lord?

Considering taking Heart of Vengeance against the Phoenix.

The Blessing of a Kami

Yes, it is helping with the other two issues but they are not resolved completely either. It would certainly make it easier to tackle if you wish to do so.

The Blessing of a Kami

Marriage Arrangement

The parts that Clan Daimyo, Mirumoto Daimyo and Agasha Masayuki let the betrothed couple know.

1) Kuni Rokurou stays a vassal of the Agasha family

2) Mirumoto Ayaka’s Dojo of the Mountain Flame (DMF) is recognized as an official Mirumoto sub-school that is based in Agasha lands

3) Mirumoto Ayaka stays a member of the Mirumoto School and a vassal of the Mirumoto but is assigned duties to the Agasha as;
a) head instructor at Dojo of the Mountain Flame
b) duelist for the Agasha family daimyo

4) Agasha weaponsmiths, armoursmiths and bowyers will provide the students trained at the DMF with their training equipment. I think that any Mirumoto family members would come with their own swords at a minimum, but training equipment should be part of the Agasha costs.

5) The expenses of housing, feeding and other care of the students in DMF is to be paid for by the Agasha

6) The stipend for the instructors of the DMF is to be paid for by the Agasha

7) Any offspring of the union who have shugenja potential are to be members of the Mirimuto family but are to be trained at the Agasha shugenja school.

The Surprise { what we don’t tell them or anyone else}
8) Kuni Rokurou and Mirumoto Ayaka are to be assigned a small mixed group of Agasha and Mirumoto samurai retainers who will manage the regular care, protection and management of “Blissful Union” farming/fishing town and surrounding lands. ( One of the planned towns south of Swan Lake) Most of the non-samurai of the town and farms will come from the Agasha with hopefully some local and refugee tribes people joining . This should allow Kuni Rokurou and Mirumoto Ayaka to focus on their duties to the Agahsa but also provide them with greater status and a diverse (hopefully increased) income

The Blessing of a Kami
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