Rise of the Dragon

The Onsen of Norokiyama

After completing their duty in Ohira, the group headed back toward Dragon Origin. They lost Nanami on the way tanks to Shoshuro Heisuke. They also got caught by a Storm and had to take refuge for a few days in Norokiyama, a small town with a rather well known Onsen.

The day at the onsen began well enough, they party met Mirumoto Hama, Mirumoto Ayaka Sensei, and Matsu Yuto and Togashi Kazuya had courtly relationship with Kuni Shisuzu and Doji Uiko.

However, their stay was everything but restfull as Matsu Nobu was making a ruckus in search of a scroll box containing important historical scroll. He mostly bothere Shoshuro Heisuke, who believe is apprentice might have gotten trouble, and Togashi Kazuya who eventually find said scroll box and gave it back to Matsu Nobu.


+3 XP to all PCs
+4 Honor for Kazuay saving Nanami.
- 4 Honor for Kazuya for not helping Matsu Nobu finding the guilty party who stole his box.
+2 Glory Points for Heisuke who eventually receive a gift from Matsu Nobu.
-1 Honor Points for Heisuke for loosing Nanami.
+1 Infamy Points for Heisuke for loosing Nanami as her bodies is eventually found by the Akiyari which are not tight lipped about samurais poor treatment of the peasant.
+1 Duty Points for Yuto future army.


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