Agasha Masayuki

Cursed, Drunken, Haunted Relatively new Family Daimyo of the Agasha


Agasha Masayuki
Clan : Dragon
Family : Agasha
School : Agasha Shugenja School
XP : 111/111
Insight : 170
Rank : 2

Earth (3)   Stamina(3)	Willpower(3)
Air(3)	Reflexes(3)	Awareness(3)
Water(3)	Strength(3)	Perception(3)
Fire(3)	Agility(3)	        Intelligence(3)
Void(2)	Void Points (0/10)

Honor 5.1
Glory ?.?
Status ?.?
Shadowlands Taint ?.?
Infamy ?.?

Intiative 5k3
Armour TN ( base 20 ) + (armour 0) + (modifiers 0 ) = (total 20)

Healthy (0)15
Nicked (
3) 24
Grazed (5) 33
Hurt (10) 42
Injured (
15) 51
Crippled (20)60
Down (
Out ( ) 78


5: Spellcraft ( free raise I think)
3: Etiquette
3: Courtier
1: Engineering
1: Defense
1: Calligraphy (Cipher)
1: Lore (Theology)
1: Commerce
1: Medicine
1: Kenjustsu
1: Investigation
2: Lore (Alchmey)
1: Craft (Alchemy)
1: Lore(Nature)
1: Artisan(Gardening)


1: Path To Inner Peace (Water)
1: Katana of Fire( Fire: Craft)
1: Extinguish (Fire)
1: To Seek the Truth (Air)
2: Embrace of Kenro-ji-jin (Earth)
3: Fiery Wrath (Fire)


Soul of Artistry (Craft)
Clear Thinker
Way of the Land
Absolute Direction
Precise Memory
Ebisu’s Blessing
Allies( Agasha shugenga who is researcher/engineer in my organization)

Haunted( Cursed )
Bitter Betrothal


Haunted (Cursed)
Haunted by a particular group of kasen. Actually being mentally and spiritually tortured on a near constant basis, my very recent drinking to excess actually allowed me relief from their torture, but now he is protected by the spirit of Togashi Kazuya. Unfortunately I am only able to cast spells by using blood to summon a kami or accepting the aid of this particular group of kasen.

Bitter Betrothal
Recent (less the 6 months) and rapid marrigage after my mother died in battle. My brother was able to convince a minor Yasuki daimyo family to allow their only daughter(and youngest child) to marry me.
1) My wife misses being the captain of a (merchant) sailing ship, and wishes for the chance to engage in greater commerce on the behalf of the Agasha but so far we have little surplus of anything to sell to outsiders which frustrates her.
2) She is annoyed that while I am somewhat obtuse about Artisian and Performace skills I also have a vast artistry and appreciation for craft skills.
3) She is upset that she has moved from a seaside city of a Great Clan with high culture to a seeming minor clan province with a city without a high culture.
4) She really hates (early fall) that I have become a drunkard soon after becoming the daimyo of the Agasha family.

Very recently became an alcoholic to supress the voices (temptation and torture) of a particular group of kami. At the present time he no longer needs to drink to supress their voices because the spirit of Togashi Kazuya now haunts him and defends him from the constant torture, but the habit of drinking to excess has become quite ingrained


Mother : died is battle less than six months ago (Daimyo)
Father : died of natural causes a few years ago

Tokimune: Eldest Brother (killed in recent battle : Daimyo for less than 6 months) (shugenja)
Wukau : Older brother(dead just over 1 year: lingering illness in adulthood) (shugenja)
Atsutane : Older brother (accidental death before reaching adulthood – around 11 years old – a couple of years after his death our parents had more children) (shugenja-in-training)
2 younger brothers ( not yet adults)
Sekidera : (shugenja-in-training) 5
Amoro : (no gift as shugenja) 8 ( want’s to be his twin sister Uesuko’s yojimbo – training as bushi )
Koichi : older sister-in-law (Daimyo-brother’s widow)
4 younger (adult or near adult) sisters
Yaruko : oldest sister – (no gift as shugenja) 18 ( unmarried – her Agasha shugenja ( he liked combat and so was to warlike for the Ashahina School and Family) betrothed died before their marriage – his death was less than a year ago so she is still in her official mourning period – Yaruko has lost her true love)
Hitomi : Hida Goru’s wife (shugenja) 17 ( 6 foot tall and likes hunting – the rest can be up to Matt or Phil )
Hakuseki : (shugenja or shugenja-in-training?) 15
Masiko : (shugenja or shugenja-in-training?) 14
3 younger sisters
Uesuko :(shugenja-in-training) 8 ( want’s her twin brother Amoro to be her yojimbo although supremely talented she did not want to be a shugenja because Amoro could not be a shugenja too – Amoro told her she had to be a shugenja so he could be follow his karma to becoming her yojimbo since then she has dedicated herself to being the hardest working student she can be)
Sakurako : (no gift as shugenja) 6 ( She is to be trained at a Yasuki Courtier school but still remain a member of the Agasha Family – that was part of my marriage arrangement )
Tani : (shugenja-in-training) 9

Agasha Masayuki

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