Agasha Nahomi

Current Daimyo's wife


The only daughter and youngest child of 9. While physically not very imposing her experiences and successes as a courtier and more importantly as a merchant ship captain have proved that she is a force to be reckoned with in matters of courtliness and commerce. If by some chance the situation devolves from the mental and emotional aspects into a more physical encounter then you must deal with her twin yojimbo’s (her only younger female cousins ) furious and infamous protective wrath.

It is well known that the youngest child of city-level Daimyo Yasuki Fumetsu, Nahomi’s father, was born with no need to excel in matters of commerce but much to the delight of her parents and older brothers she has excelled in an unusual and independent manner. Nahomi’s expertise in captaining a merchant sailing vessel and her abilities to find customers and trade goods in ports around the empire have won her high regard in her family and her highly profitable ventures won her acclaim from the wider Yasuki clan. Amongst the Doji family she is better received for her skill in oratory and song than her traditional Yasuki focus on commerce and craft but the Doji also respect for her all around abilities in the Artisan and Performance skills.

Agasha Nahomi

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