Heisuke's Lonely Lark

Gambling den & geisha house


0/64 Duty remaining
157 Insight (rank 2)

Rings (130 Insight)

2 Earth 2 Water 2 Fire 3 Air 4 Wealth

Skills (27 Insight)

High Bugei Merchant Low
3 Etiquette (Courtesy)
1 Investigation
3 Medicine
1 Perform: Music
1 Perform: Dance
1 Sincerity (Deceit)
1 Tea Ceremony
1 Defense (Guard)
1 Jiujutsu
3 Commerce
1 Craft: Poison
1 Intimidation
3 Stealth
3 Temptation (Seduction)

Lonely Lark

Heisuke runs a gambling den & geisha house known as the Lonely Lark. The business is generally above-ground, but they do keep a number of guards on staff to act as bouncers and bill collectors, as need arises. Heisuke has tasked certain employees to listen to sensitive discussions, or even just draw patrons into conversation and see what comes up.


  1. find Tang and collect information about him

Heisuke's Lonely Lark

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