Hida Goru

Small Crab Bushi


Family: Hida (1 Strength)
School: Hida Bushi (1 Stamina)
Rank 1: No penalty for Heavy Armour
Rank 2: +Earth to Reduction
Rank 3: Creatures without the honour stat don’t get exploding 10s

Insight 190
Honour 3.1
Glory 4.5
Status 3
Experience 239/240

Stats (128)
2 Air
4 Earth (44)
2 Fire
5 Water (84)
2 Void

Advantages (34)
1 Blood of Osano-wo (3)
1 Bishamon’s Blessing (4)
1 Founded School (10)
1 Luck (9)
1 Touched by the Spirit Realm (Gaki-do) (5)
1 Ally (1)
1 Strength of the Earth (2)

Disadvantages (-10)
1 Failure of Bushido (Sincerity) (-4)
1 Small (-3)
1 True Love (Wife) (-3)

Skills (80)
School (41)
1 Athletics 6k5
4 Defence (9) 6k2
7 Heavy Weapon (Tetsubo) (27) 10k6
1 Lore: Shadowlands 3k2
1 Intimidation 3k2
1 Kenjutsu 3k2
3 Battle (5) 8k5
Non-School (39)
1 Courtier (1) 3k2
3 Etiquette (6) 5k2
1 Games: Go (1) 6k5
1 Games: Shogi (1) 6k5
5 Investigation (15) 10k5
5 Lore: Barbarians (15) 7k2
2 Hunting (3) 7k5

Kata (4)
1 Strength of Arms Style (4)


Q1 Hida Goru hasn’t done much yet to attract notice. His family has been overly protective of him, to the point where he hasn’t received as many opportunities to display his full potential yet.

Q2 Hida Goru has been working primarily as a magistrate. He has repeatedly attempted to be transferred into a more martial position, but was repeatedly denied by the Crab.

Q3 Honour is not something that Hida Goru thinks a lot about, however he’s very interested in Glory. He doesn’t just want to prove that a small warrior can become great, he wants everyone to know it.

Q4 Yes. He’s married to Agasha Hitomi, sister to the Agasha Daimyo

Q5 Aside from occasional talks with Osano-wo (Grandpa to Goru), Goru doesn’t really pay much attention to the religion.

Q6 Hida Goru wants to lead an army of Dragon soldiers to defeat the Shadowland hordes, and prove that that when it comes to combat, he’s big enough.

Q7 I see Hida Goru as a famous warrior who has gained fame for his personal defeat of enemy leaders.

His two important NPCs are Agasha Hitomi (his wife), and Hida Taichi (his teacher). I’ll post more about them later.

Hida Goru

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