Kazuya's Peacekeepers

Courtiers who attempt to preserve the peace.


3 Air
2 Earth
2 Fire
2 Water
2 Wealth

1 Courtier
1 Etiquette (Bureaucracy)
1 Etiquette (Courtesy)
1 Investigation
1 Iaijitsu
1 Lore: Niten
1 Lore: Tao of Shinsei

+1 Air
Courtier, Etiquette (both), Investigation are half cost


The Peacekeepers are an organization dedicated to preserving the peace between the Dragon clan and its neighbors. They do so basically by being courtiers. They sift through gossip to find useful information, and they make friends among potential enemies.

I see most members as being people whom Kazuya has recruited who wished to become monks, weren’t accepted by the Togashi school, but who swore fealty to the family anyways.

Kazuya's Peacekeepers

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