Matsu Yuto

Lion Prodigy General


School: Akodo Bushi School
Insight: 204
Insight Rank: 4
School Rank: 4

Status: 3
Glory: 7.1
Honor: 6.5

Rings and Traits: (spent 48 pts)
Air: 3 (24 pts)

Awareness: 3 Reflexes: 3

Earth: 3 (0+24)

Willpower: 3 Stamina: 3

Fire: 3 (24+0 pts)

Intelligence: 3 Agility: 4 (16 spent)

Water: 4 (+32 pts)

Perception: 4 (1 free) Strength: 4 (1 free)

Void: 4 (0+18+24 points spent)

Void Points: 1/3

Initiative: 5k3

Armor TN: Reflexes x5 + 13+5: 33
Reduction: 10
Armor Type: Heavy

Wounds: (Earth x3 per level, Earth x5 for Healthy)
Healthy: 10 /10
Nicked: (3) 6 /4
Grazed: (
5) 6
Hurt: (10) 6
Injured: (
15) 6
Crippled: (20) 6
Down: (
40) 6
Out: (cannot act) 6



Kaiu heavy armour (+13 tn, +10 reduction)
Attack Roll: 11k4
Damage Roll:
7k3, reduce reduction by str (4) (sword)
5k2 (bow)

<sample> (Damage: , Quantity: )

Points to spend: 0

Skills: (School skills and emphases marked with * ) (Spent 22 points)
*Battle (Mass Combat) 8 (5+9+22 pts)
*Defense: 1
*Kenjitsu: 6 (5+20 pts)
*Kyujitsu: 5 (5+9 pts)
*Lore History: 1
*Sincerity: 1
*Etiquette: 1
Animal Handling 1 (1 pt)
Athletics 1 (1 pts)
Commerce 1 (1 pt)
Horsemanship 1 (1 pt)
Hunting 2 (1 + 2 pts)
Lore: Shintao: 1 (1 pt)
Lore: War 1 (1 pt)
Engineering (Siege): 4 (0+ 10 pts)

Advantages: (spent 17 points)
Prodigy (9 pts): add 1k0 to all school skills
Leadership (4 pts): Allows characters following leader to use some of the leader’s skills; can give a plus 1k1 to another character roll during the action phase of the new warfare and social battle.
Sacrosanct (4 pts): people of honour 5 or higher cannot attack so long as I have honour 6 or higher unless I attack them first.
Luck (0+6 pts): Reroll 2 rolls per session and keep the higher
Founded School (Akodo Siege Strategist- 10 pts)

Disadvantages: (Gained 7 points)
True Love (3 pts): Kuni Chisuzu
Bitter Betrothal (2 pts): TBD for Phil
Nemesis (2 pts): Akodo Daiki

Rank 1: The way of the Lion. Ignore a portion of armour TN, or gain a free raise . Also, gain 1k0 to the total of all attack rolls on your first melee attack against an opponent in a skirmish, or against any opponent who has declared a raise on an attack against you since your last turn. Max 1k0 per enemy

Rank 2: During a skirmish, add honor to any one roll (not damage roll), not usable when assuming centered stance

Rank 3: Attack twice, may attack as a simple action when using a weapon with the Samurai keyword

Rank 4: Akodo Siege Strategist – Alternate Path

Replaces: Rank 4 Akodo Bushi
Requires: Battle(Mass Batle) 6 and Engineering (Siege) 4

Technique: Broken by Tactics

When on the attacking side of a siege, you always receive a heroic opportunity in a mass battle (probably replace by +3k0 on all your skill rolls on the battle scene) and any structures on the opposing side have their reduction halved.

Kata: None

Spells: None

Kiho: None

Light Armour

Travel Kit:

Coin Purse
Cooking Pot
Flint and Tinder
Spare Kimono and Sandals
Week’s Rations
Dress Kimono

Money: 33 koku 4 bu


Matsu Yuto is a pragmatic young man who holds to his personal honour rigidly. He has a great mind for warfare, and thinks about war constantly (whether practically such as memorizing terrain in case he ever fights there, or imagining battles and what he might do while someone boring is reciting poetry).

Yuto’s philosophy on leadership is: “The worst thing that can happen is that you give someone an order and they ignore it and do something else”. So where possible he will take great pains to get to know people in his charge (either individually for small units or at least the commanders in larger scale situations with less time). He needs to understand how people will behave in certain circumstances so that he knows where to put people and what orders to give. He does not impose his own honour on anyway (though he will not give orders that are honourable)

Some typical questions he has for people:

“What skills do you have that could help us, either before, during or after a battle?”
“If you were ordered to retreat how would that make you feel?”
“If you were ordered to do something specific like guard some archers, and you saw a great opportunity for glory elsewhere, what would you do?”
“What weapons are you proficient in and which would you be comfortable wielding in a battle?”

Yuto has a nemesis- a Lion General named Akodo Daiki. Daiki is in many ways the opposite of Yuto, believing that everyone should always be honourable (for his version of honour), and if you are under Daiki’s command then you will behave with honour or be punished. Daiki will never retreat, and never surrender- he is held up by many as the embodyment of a true Lion. And he has some sort of karmic hatred for Yuto, having caused him to lose coveted commands and generally thwarted Yuto, whose style of command he loathes.

Soon to come is the horrible train wreck that is his love life. Current speculation is that he will fall madly in love with the Crab’s sister who is a Kuni Witch Hunter, and will be betrothed to someone that will make his life miserable.

Matsu Yuto

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