Agasha Heisuke

Assassin and Oyabun


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Insight Honour Glory Infamy Status XP Remaining
225 1.8 8.1 0.2 3.0 1 / 228

Rings (160 insight)

3 Earth 土 3 Water 水 4 Fire 火 3 Air 空 3 Void 心
3 Stamina 3 Strength 4 Agility 3 Reflexes
3 Willpower 3 Perception 4 Intelligence 3 Awareness

Skills (65 insight)

High Bugei Merchant Low
3空 Acting
2空 Artisan: Gardening
2火 Calligraphy
3空 Courtier
3空 Etiquette
3水 Investigation
1火 Lore: Heraldry
1火 Medicine
1心 Meditation
1空 Perform: Storytelling
3空 Sincerity
3水 Athletics
2水 Battle
2空 Defense
1火 Horsemanship
2水 Hunting
3火 Jiujutsu
3火 Kenjutsu
3火 Ninjutsu
1空 Animal Handling
1火 Commerce
2火 Craft: Poison
1火 Engineering
3火 Forgery
2空 Intimidation
2火 Sleight of Hand
3火 Stealth (Sneaking)
2空 Temptation


0 15 Healthy (+0)
16 24 Nicked (+3)
25 33 Grazed (+5)
34 42 Hurt (+10)
43 51 Injured (+15)
52 60 Crippled (+20)
61 69 Down (+40)
70 78 Out
79 Dead


Ashigaru armour
Sturdy Black Clothing
Kimono, dark green (3 bu)
Kimono, colourful (gift from Masayuki)
Kimono, court (gift from Masayuki)
Traveling Pack
4 koku, 2 bu
? stipend
? cost of war fan for Agasha Nahomi

Advantages (22)

2 Servant (Attendant, Etiquette[Conversation] 3), was Kaoru, now replaced
2 Silent (1k0 to all Stealth rolls)
3 Wary (1k1 to detect ambushes)
4 Paragon: Sincerity (2k0 to all Contested rolls with Sincerity)
9 Prodigy (1k0 to all School Skill rolls)
2 Way of the Land: Agasha

Disadvantages (-10)

-2 Dependant (daughter: Shosuro Reiko)
-2 Driven (protect Agasha Masayuki)
-3 Insensitive (must spend VP to risk self for others)
-3 True Love (must spend VP to choose Duty over wife: Agasha Minami)

Shosuro family

+1 Air/Awareness

Shosuro Infiltrator school

+1 Air/Reflexes
School skills: Acting, Athletics, Ninjutsu, Sincerity, Stealth, 1 other (Kenjutsu)

  1. The Path of Shadows (2k0 Stealth)
  2. Strike from Darkness (SRk0 to ambush)
  3. Steel Within Silk (attack as simple w/ ninjutsu or ambush)
  4. Whisper of Steel (Per/Inv: Notice vs Agi/Stealth after attack)
  5. The Final Silence (VP sets 2 damage dice to =10)

Character Descriptor

I am a Shosuro Infiltrator from the Scorpion Clan working as a Bodyguard and Problem-Solver for another PC, who works for the Dragon Clan Champion. My objective is to help the Dragon Clan to rise to major clan status because said PC wishes it, and I have been ordered by my daimyo to assist the PC in every way possible.


  1. Wife
  2. Servant (apprentice)
  3. Daughter


When did your character’s entourage notice his potential?
Your character has been out in the world for a while, what has he been doing?

Heisuke’s first assignment was to pose as a travelling ronin while spying on the Lion. After a couple of years of this, he encountered the PC.

What are your character’s views on honor and glory? Does he pursue those ideals?

Glory fades. It has its uses, and its drawbacks, but in time all will be forgotten. Honour is a luxury, one which cannot be found in failure. It is better to leave a battle with dirty hands than no hands at all. If there is limited honour to go around, it might as well go to those who can wield it best (courtiers, nobility, etc).

Is your character married?


Is your character religious?

Heisuke doesn’t spend much time praying or making sacrifices.

Where does your character see himself in 10 years? If dead, how does your character expect to die?

Heisuke doesn’t plan that far ahead – his life has changed direction often enough now that he’s become quite zen about it. He’ll go where life takes him.

Where does the player see the character in 10 years? If dead, how do you expect your character to have died?

I suspect dead. Probably one of:

  • getting too sloppy/slow and being overwhelmed by guards;
  • being assassinated by a rival; or
  • by seppuku to hide a secret.

Agasha Heisuke

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