Togashi Kazuya

Enlightened Ise Zumi in search of Enlightenment


Family: Togashi (1 Reflexes)
School: Ise Zumi (1 Void)
Rank 1: Ocean and Ki-Rin Tattooes
Rank 2: +1k1 on unarmed to hit and damage

Insight 165
Honour 5.4
Glory 4.2
Status 3
Experience 25/25

Stats (46)
3 Air (12)
2 Earth
2 Fire
2 Water (12)
3 Perception (12)
4 Void (22)

Advantages (20)
1 Blood of Osano-wo (4)
1 Enlightened (5)
1 Benten’s Blessing (4)
1 Voice (3)
1 Paragon (4)

Disadvantages (-10)
1 Ascetic (-3)
1 Cast Out (-1)
1 Sworn Enemy (-3)
1 Wrath of the Earth Kami (-3)

Skills (36)
School (12)
1 Artisan: Tattooing 4k3
3 Lore: Niten (5) 5k2
1 Meditation 5k4
1 Athletics 3k2
1 Defence 4k3
2 Iaijitsu (2) 5k3
3 Jiujitsu (5) 6k3
Non-School (24)
1 Artisan: Gardening (1) 4k3
1 Artisan: Painting (1) 4k3
1 Artisan: Sculpting (1) 4k3
3 Courtier (6) 6k4
3 Etiquette (6) 6k3
1 Investigation (1) 4k3
1 Lore: Tao of Shinsei (1) 3k2
1 Perform: Oratory (1) 4k3
1 Perform: Storytelling (1) 4k3
2 Sincerity (3) 5k4
1 Tea Ceremony (1) 5k4
1 Hunting (1) 4k3

Kiho (13)
- Ring/Mastery: Air 4
- Type: Internal
By bringing their chi in alignment with that of the wind, monks may dramatically increase their reaction time and ability to evade the blows of others. While this Kiho is active, your Armor TN is increased by an amount equal to your Insight Rank plus your Air Ring.

- Ring/Mastery: Void 5
- Type: Mystical
Some monks are at a state of harmony with the world to such extent that they are aware of everything around them. While this Kiho is active, you become aware of all living things within a distance equal to your Void Ring x10 feet. You are also aware of any object or individual within that range that has been deliberately concealed, including secret doors, hidden compartments, buried objects, etc.

Purchases (19)
January 15th, +6 XP
Etiquette (3)
Perform: Storytelling (1)
Investigation (1)
Hunting (1)

January 22nd, +3 XP
January 29th, +3 XP
Iaijitsu (2)
Lore: Niten (3)
Artisan Sculpting (1)

Februrary 5th, +10 XP
Februrary 19th, +3 XP
Artisan Gardening (1)
Perception (12)


Brief History
- Brought to Brotherhood of Shinsei Monestary as a baby
- Head of Monestary saw potential in the baby and decided they’d raise him
- As a child kept asking “Why do you seek enlightenment here, when you could be out there helping people while seeking enlightenment?”
- As monks started to heed his words, Head of Monestary evicted Kazuya
- Kazuya journeyed to the Ise Zumi’s monestary and after trials gained entrance
- After getting his first two tattoos he went to barbarian mountain stronghold and convinced them to stop raiding the Dragon clan and join them instead

Bring enlightenment to all people.
To accomplish this Kazuya intends to increase the influence of the Dragon clan.
To accomplish this Kazuya intends to write the Niten, and promote iai dueling as a method for resolving disputes.

Q1. Went alone, and unarmed to the camp of a barbarian tribe that had been raiding Dragon villages. The Dragon army was busy elsewhere and the camp was too inaccessible to be attacked by anything short of a small army. The barbarians took Kazuya prisoner but from his cell he began to talk to anyone who’d listen about the Tao of Shinsei, the ideals of the Dragon Clan, and the benefits of joining the empire. His words convinced most of them to abandon their chieftain and instead free Kazuya and return with him to the Dragon Clan.

Q2. He wanders about non-Imperial land and talks to the people there and tries to convince them to join the Dragon Clan.

Q3. He chose to joined the clan after hearing the story of Togashi seeking enlightenment. He believes in his view of the clan ideals.

Q4. He wants to bring the clan to major clan status to help them bring enlightenment to more people in the Empire.

Q5. The enlightened person doesn’t seek Glory, and Honour is simply the idea of holding to one own’s code of conduct. Without a worthy code of conduct, honour is meaningless.

Q6. Not yet. Raised by monks, marriage is something he doesn’t really think about, but as an Ise Zumi I expect that he’ll eventually realize that he can (and probably should) get married and start a family.

Q7. Kazuya doesn’t worship the Kami as some sort of higher power, rather he believes that people should look inside themselves or turn to other people for solutions to their problems. I don’t know if that counts as religious or just philosophical.

Q8. He sees himself doing exactly what he’s doing now, wandering around trying to bring peace and enlightenment to others.

Q9. Ideally ascended as a kami of Peace or something. If that’s aiming too high, then probably as the leader of a sub-group of Ise Zumi who wander Rokugan bringing peace and enlightenment to others (with force if necessary).

I think I’m thinking that High Abbot woul be the most fitting role for Kazuya.

I’m having some difficulty writing out their stories, but
1) Former barbarian warrior from the camp that Kazuya converted. She’s a potential love interest for Kazuya.
2) Head of the monestary where Kazuya was cast out. His monestary has declined in influence as many of the monks have left the temple. He wants recognition for his temple.

Togashi Kazuya

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