Rise of the Dragon

Cowering Crab, Flaming Dragon

Entering the village, met the local governor (a Mirumoto). He had had Kuni Chisuzu (Kuni Rokurou’s sister) imprisoned on charges of sowing dissent. The PCs investigated and found that a peasant girl named Nanami had freed a fire demon by stabbing the monk and attempting to trade his blood for power to resist the invading tribes.

The fire demon turned out to be a cursed Isawa shugenja of long ago, which the party tracked to its lair and defeated (0.3 glory each).

Afterwards, the party was able to rebuild the temple (0.3 glory each) without difficulty thanks to the help of the villagers. The construction is completed in one month. Kuni Rokurou design will insure that the temple will last for generations to comes (0.2 glory for Kuni Rokurou).

6 xp

The Road to Ōhira

Togashi Akinari summoned the PCs and told them of a fire that seriously damaged the temple at the mountain village of Ōhira. They were ordered to take some craftsmen (7 peasants) and troops (5 samurai) and restore order.

Mirumoto Ayaka and Togashi Kazuya helped the peasants compassionately (0.4 honour).

Near their destination, Content Not Found: matsu-kazu spotted a scout in the hills. Shosuro Heisuke disarmed him and captured him for questioning (+0.1 glory). The scout was from a neighbouring tribe who had noticed the fire and believed that it heralded the return of the old gods.


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