Tag: Bushi


  • Mirumoto Ayaka

    *Ayaka* is a _Mirumoto Bushi_ from the _Mirumoto_ family who is working as a _Governer / Sensei_ for the Dragon Clan Champion. She wants to make the Dragon Clan great to show the purity and superiority of Mirumoto's Niten form, and to ensure that the …

  • Ming-la

    - Ming-la was a barbarian in the camp Kazuya converted - She has joined the Dragon clan - She has a crush on Kazuya - I expect they will have a tumultous romance - More details to come

  • Hida Goru

    *Q1* Hida Goru hasn't done much yet to attract notice. His family has been overly protective of him, to the point where he hasn't received as many opportunities to display his full potential yet. *Q2* Hida Goru has been working primarily as a …

  • Hida Taichi

    * Taichi was born a peasant, but when a Crab came recruiting, he jumped at the chance to become a soldier * He was very successful as a soldier, so much so that he was given an opportunity to marry into one of the Hida vassal families * When Goru was …