Tag: Organization


  • Yuto's Army- Dragon's Mane

    Organization description: Yuto's army is versatile. They are able to move quickly, switch formations in precision fashion, and are all trained in two weapons: Archers carry a bow and a wakazachi Polearm troops carry a polearm and a short bow

  • Heisuke's Lonely Lark

    h3. Lonely Lark Heisuke runs a gambling den & geisha house known as the Lonely Lark. The business is generally above-ground, but they do keep a number of guards on staff to act as bouncers and bill collectors, as need arises. Heisuke has tasked …

  • Rokurou's Steel Hammers

    The Steel Hammers are primarily craftsmen, collected together under [[:kuni-rokurou | Kuni Rokurou’s]] leadership with the duty to build the Dragon clan’s physical manifestations to be worthy of a great clan. A good defense is the best offense, and the …

  • Goru's Dragon Scales

    Hida Goru envisions the Dragon's Scales as primarily a military organization. Specifically as heavy infantry. However his attempts to train their tactical knowledge will involve hunting and investigation exercises. This will result in them being useful as …