Campaign Objectives

The Dragon Clan Champion, Togashi Kizu is searching far and wide for brave samurais, cunning diplomats, wise shugenjas and charismatic monks to join the Dragon and help it rise above it original status during the reign of the shining prince.

Once you have proven worth to the eye of Togashi Kizu you will be given the chance to tackle many of the challenges that the Dragon clan faces.

The immediate challenge to the Dragon is the Hosaku and Yobanjin tribes which still controls many key areas in the mountain and possibly to secure the allegiance of the Tetsuzoku.

The clan must also complete it exploration of the northern mountain as many areas remain uncharted.

The development of the clan is also of key importance to the Dragon. A stronger economy will be able to support an expanding Dragon armies and the new castles it requires to defend itself.

The Dragon Clan Champion also put as a priority the conversion of all the people living on the Dragon territory. This is important to maintain the clan integrity as part of a wider objective of maintaining the clan stability and cohesion.

Finally, the Dragon need to prove the greatness of the Dragon Clan and eventually repeal the imperial edict protecting them for nearly 80 years. However, the Dragon must be ready to defend itself against those who will test the Clan mettle once the emperor decree is lifted.

Campaign Objectives

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