Campaign Structures

Beginning of the Campaign

The first step of the campaign is the introduction with the leaders of the Dragon clan and a first mission for the PC to prove themselves worthy as governor, commander and advisor to the Dragon clan.

The role of the PCs in the clan will hence slowly grow overtime. They will soon select their mission and by the end of this campaign segments will be in charge of many elements in the clan.

Middle of the Campaign

The middle of the campaign will see the players take on many responsibility and strengthen the Dragon clan. This period will be played over many game years and the passage of the season will be important as spring allows you to prepare for the year ahead, summer being usually dedicated to war or exploration, autumn is the all important harvest and winter is a time of diplomacy.

The middle of the campaign will really be a sandbox for the players to adventure in.

End of the Campaign

The campaign will likely end with the resolution of the imperial edict currently protecting the Dragon Clan. This will be a time of change and will certainly be interesting.

Campaign Structures

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