Character Creation

Most of you are familiar with L5R character creation rules. But here I would like to modify them as to avoid that any of the PCs is a murderer, homeless or a combination of both. This is especially important for this campaign become of the expected time span we are looking at (20 years in game time) but also of the role your character will have (they will be leader of large armies, the founder of a religious orders or governor of ever-growing cities.).

So here are the guideline:

Check out the rule changes

I modified a few of the advantages, you will eventually have an organziation so checking out the New Way of the Daimyo ruleset is also a good idea. Most importantly, check out how Honor, Glory and Infamy roll will works. Make sure you’ll get the right attribute for your character.

Pick a Clan, Family and a School

The usual, however not all clans are available, some family doesn’t exist yet and some school are only in their early stage of existence. The list of schools on the wiki have their path fully developed by now.

If you want to use a different school we can have a talk about it but you might be limited in your character development down the road.

Fill in the Character Descriptor

The descriptor contain both your class and clan but also two important elements for the campaign: your role in the dragon clan and why you will be filling this role.

Spend Character Points

Character will have more character points that an traditional L5R campaign, you guys are more heroic then an average starting samurais. You have 80 character points instead of 40 character points.

Pick up Advantages

PC will be initially limited to 20 points of advantages instead of the normal 15 points. A lot of advantages could be packed into that now that some of the most expensive advantage have been reduced in cost (see the modification to the cost of advantages in the rule section of the wiki).

Disadvantages are still maxed out at -10 points.

Create Relationships

Your character does not exist in a vacuum, you have to create two NPCs that are important to your character. The description should includes the NPCs names, family, clan and school. Your relationship with them, how your character see them and do they see you plus a short description and background.

Those NPCs could be lover, important friends or siblings. They could also be rivals or person you have a debt of honor too. Those NPCs may or may not have an advantages or disadvantages associated to them, this is for your own discretion. Also, you character don’t have to know those NPCs yet, you may meet them during the campaign if you wish.

Don’t make those NPCs either all good or bad, they should just be people with motivation that will eventually play a role in your tragic asian heroes trope.

More imporantly, I will make those character heroic as well (they’ll get techniques, advantages and good attributes and skills) so keep that in mind when you create those NPCs.

Finally, if you decide to build more then two NPCs you can, however not all of them will be heroic or fully stated out so pick out the two NPCs you want the most interaction with in the games.

Answer some Questions

I really like the game of twenty questions but that could be too much (and some of them are too obvious). I would rather have less questions but making sure I receive an answer for each one. So here we go, we are now playing the game of 7 questions.


Q1. When did your character entourage notice is potential?

Q2. Your character have been out in the world for a while, what did he do during that time?


Q3. What is your character views on honor and glory? Does he pursue those ideals?

Q4. Is your character married?

Q5. Is your character religious?


Q6. Where is your character see himself in 10 years? If dead, how did your character expect to die?

Q7. Where is the player see the character in 10 years? If dead, how do you expect your character will have died?

Create Background

Finally, I would like all NPCs to have a short background. One or two paragraphs should be sufficient. You could go beyond this but I don’t want more then a page.

Put it on the Wiki

I want it on the Wiki so that I can easily have access to your PCs and the NPCs you created.

Character Creation

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