Character Descriptor

All player characters will have to use the following phrase as a descriptor. The players obviously fill the blank as required.

I am a (School Name) from the (Clan/Family/Location) working as an (Military Advisor/Diplomat/Trade Advisor/Governor/Religious Advisor) for the Dragon Clan Champion. My objective is to help the Dragon Clan to rise to major clan status because (Character Motivation).

Your job in the Dragon Clan Champion will relate to your role in the way of the daimyo which are: Warlord, Merchant Patron, Master Sensei, Keeper of the Temple, Governor, Ambassador. SInce you can have points in more then one path (ex.: Governor and Keeper of the Temple) you can define your role more vaguely then using the exact propose wording.

You can create your own character motivation and it could be a simple phrase or a couple of paragraphs. Your motivation could change during the campaign but your objective will always remain the same. Here a list of character motivation:

  • I need to serve the Dragon to pay back a family debt.
  • I am looking to avenge a family member death at the hand of a northern barbarian.
  • I want to study the mysteries of the kami and fortune in the northern land.
  • I want to spread the philosophy of Shintao to the north.
  • I want create my own family name.
  • I want to be remembered in history.
  • I want to explore Rokugan frontier.
  • I want to bring civilization to Rokugan frontier.
  • I am following my Clan Champion Order.

Character Descriptor

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