Character plans

Mirumoto Megumi has asked the PCs to accomplish three tasks:

  1. Unite the Agasha under a single banner. Right now, Agasha troops are divided into several groups and cannot act with cohesion.
  2. Root out corruption in Dragon cities. Megumi believes that hostile forces are working to weaken the Dragon from within.
  3. Eliminate the Akiyari threat. Every year the Akiyari get bolder and strike deeper into Dragon territory. While the Dragon could probably defeat them in a head-on battle, the clan would be so weakened by the attempt that they would not be able to recover in time.

The PCs have agreed that first and foremost, we need information. We need to know where the corruption is to remove it, what problem is preventing the Agasha from acting in concert, and how best to neutralize the Akiyari (or even convince them to join the Dragon outright).

Unite the AgashaAgasha Masayuki

Togashi Kazuya will send some of his Peacekeepers to talk to the Agasha

Mirumoto Ayaka will have some of her bureaucrats investigate the Agasha chains of command

Root out corruption

Togashi Kazuya will send some of his Peacekeepers to investigate who’s making trouble in the Dragon cities

Heisuke will set the staff of the Lonely Lark to identifying any troublesome elements.

Mirumoto Ayaka will have some of her bureaucrats audit Dragon cities

Eliminate the Akiyari threat

Togashi Kazuya will send some of his Peacekeepers to open a dialogue with the Akiyari and gather information about what the Akiyari people want.

Matsu Yuto will send out scouts from his army to map the terrain, study the Akiyari forces, and identify good locations for fortifications

Kuni Rokurou will have his Steel Hammers build any fortifications, siege engines or other equipment recommended by Yuto

Winter 136

Agasha Masayuki’s organization was busy designing and preparing supplies for a hopefully busy farming, crafting and construction season, to that end we have built cargo barges, purchased oxen and carts, prepared ourselves with an excess of nails, ropes, tools, other construction supplies. We have built up a massive stock pile of fertilizer, wood vinegar, compost tea and other farm based alchemy supplies to be used on the farms around Splendid City and in the hopefully new Agasha farmlands. The lead researcher of my shugenja has been busy with earth spells that he hopes will be useful for the construction of stone sided waterways, simple stone walls, packed paths and even raised stone roads.

Spring 137

Fall 137?

Hida Goru wants to take the Dragon Scales up north to intercept the Yobanjin army before they reach the Iron Fortress. If the Yobanjin siege weaponry is destroyed before they reach the Iron Fortress, they won’t be much of a threat.

The idea would be to lay a fake ambush in the Yobanjin’s way. Let the Yobanjin “discover” the ambush and bring troops up front to counter the ambush. Then our hidden forces attack from the rear and hopefully smash all their siege weaponry. When their forward troops notice the ambush and turn back to defend themselves, the fake ambush becomes a real ambush who can hit them from behind.

Togashi Objective – Red Gorge Fortress and Thousand Spear Fortress

Rokuro – Engage in Sake Trading with Lion, Build ton of equipment for the other PC and herself, reinforce defenses and get married, join the

Ayaka – Getting Married, following Rokuro, teaching and training at the dojo, artistic endeavour

Yuto – Getting Married, Affair with Shizouzu, Training and Building Armies

Yuki – Spell Research, Stop the Pointless Warring, Taking Charge of the Diplomat, Sculpture

Goru – Train his Student at his dojo, Scout out the Lion in the cities to observes the Lion Forces.

Tournament – To Rise the Dragon Relevance
Go Tournament, Dueling Tournament, Endurance Tournament,

Golden Armor – Returned Lion after repair.

Character plans

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