Dragon Origin – Motoryu

The city of Dragon Origin is the diplomatic hub of the Dragon Clan and the major. The city hold the Dragon Family Daimyo Castle.

The peaceful stone city is surrounded by a small wall and dotted with cypress. The city got it back to a mountain which hold the Dragon Family Daimyo castle and the Kaisan Togashi Temple and the Temple of a Hundred Fortune.

At the foot of the mountain lies the Dragon family estate that is used to run the city and is the siege of the Togashi “Family”.

Since the city serve as a diplomatic hub, it host delegation of all the major clans, the imperial families and even representative of the Iron Fortress.

The Crane holding is the largest in the city, demonstrating the Crane support the emperor ideal but it diplomatic delegation is often modest.

The Phoenix holding is nearly as large as the Crane compuound. It is however very busy with shugenjas and monks in search of the city wisdom.

The Scorpion holding is located in the town corner close to the mountain in a quiet spot. It smaller exterior is deceiving as the holding is larger then expected and hold quite a delegation.

The Lion and the Crab have very small holding here. The Crab mostly due to the distance but the Lion in part for a disdain of the Dragon and the Togashi.

The Market of Dragon Origin is relatively small, mostly catering to the pilgrim visiting the Temple of a Hundred Fortunes and the Kaisan monastery.

The Splendid City – Toshi Myiu

The home of the Agasha family, the city has been named after it founder, Agasha Myiu.

The city is located on an hilltop and is surrounded by a thick wall dotted with guard towers. The city is divided by large stone road into many smaller districts.

- The Refuge is the district is home to the refugees from the conflict between the Akayari Tribes and the Agasha family.
- The Green District is pastural, growing food inside the wall have become important because of the enduring conflict.
- The Temple District is dedicated to the Agasha Shugenja School including dormitories, libraries and temples.
- The Foreign District is home to the few clan who have holding in the city. The Phoenix and the Crane have a good presence with a smaller presence from the Scorpion.
- The Castle District is home of the Agasha family daimyo and his located in the center of the city.

The main economic of the Agasha is the gold mine close to splendid city, farming and also a bit of fishing.

Eagle Nest Castle – Kyuden Mirumoto

The castle is both home to the Mirumoto family but also serve as a castle defending the Dragon’s Neck mountain pass.

Five Leaves Castle

The five leaves castle is home to the Mirumoto main dojo. It is surrounded my many small villages, shrines and temples located in the Red Maple Forest.

Iron Fortress

This major city is home to the Tetsuzoku lead by the Remiki familly. A major craft center and important iron and gold mine, this have given the Iron Fortress a lot of influences. However, they are also dependent on trades as their land does not support a strong food production for the city workers.

Red Gorge Castle

The castle is held by the Lion at the moment.

Green Tower Castle

Dominated by a very high tower topped by a bright green roof, it serve as a main defense and lookout for possible tribal incursion or lion incursion in the Tall Grass Lowland.—

City of Summer Breeze

This Imperial city is controlled by the Seppun family. The city mostly serve as a market for the Dragon Clan and the Iron Fortress iron and gold up for trade. It also serves as a base for Imperial legion in case the other clan threaten the Dragon. Finally, it is home to one of the Emperor Summer Palace.


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