Dragon Clan

Clan History

The Dragon Clan history as seen many up and down during the first century of the empire.

Early on, the Dragon Clan was a major clan with Togashi being very successful at gathering supporter such as Kakita. However, the war againsts Fu-Leng and the Day of Thunders took a tole on the clan. It was severely weaken with only a few dozens Mirumoto Bushi and Togashi Ise Zumi left and only ten Agahsa Shugenja.

The clan hence decided to took a more passive stance and focus on protecting the land given to them by Hantei I. However, in the year 52 the Yobanjin and Hikaru tribes took advantage of their weakness. Lead by Chosaku, who was defeated 20 years earlier by the Lion and flew to the mountain, he took over the Dragon Clan new second castle in the east, Shiro Kitsuyama.

The Dragon had to retreat back to Shiro Motoryu after their defeat, this lead the Tetsuzoku tribes to abandon the Dragon Clan after a coup. The Iron Castle quickly became independant, trying to stay neutral in the conflict as to not anger either the Dragon or the Yobanjin and Hikaru tribes.

The Lion, wanting to complete their mission to eliminate him, lead an attack and eventually defeated Chosaku but also took control of Shiro Kitsuyama in the year 54.

At this point, the Emperor Hantei II intervened. He declared that no other Clans could attack the Dragon for a 100 years. This declaration and the defeat at Shiro Motoryu put the Dragon into a weak position and once the minor Fox Clan was created in year 90 from the Ki-Rin remnant, the other great Clans started to treat the Dragon Clan as a minor clan as well.

The Dragon defeat and the Emperor declaration also diminished the Dragon attractiveness. The Dragon did not enroll as many new followers which in turn limited their expansion during that era.

Alternatively, the success of Chosaku attacks embolden the tribes and under the leadership of his heirs remain a threat to the Dragon to this day.

All of this events left Mirumoto heirs unable to write Niten with only partial notes behind kept by the Clan. This has lead many samurais to visits the Dragon Clan to study the notes of Mirumoto. This has led the Dragon to maintain many alliances with many senseis and dojos. This also makes the Dragon Clan a very fertile areas for the development of new schools with many samurais sent by the lords to study the Dragon wisdom.

The Dragon Today

In 134, the Dragon are at a turning points. The last 80 years had given the Dragon the opportunity to further establish their schools and have begun recruiting additional followers. The clan is hence ready to expand his power and his influence but many challenges remain.

The immediate challenge to the Dragon is the Hosaku and Yobanjin tribes which still controls many key areas in the mountain. Their pacification is important to secure the supports of the many villages under the Dragon clan controls and possibly secure the allegiance of the Tetsuzoku. Furthermore, the Lion are putting a lot of pressure on the Emperor to send their army north to destroy those tribes and secure the areas while the Phoenix are openly courting the Tetsuzoku.

The development of the clan is also of key importance to the Dragon. A stronger economy will be able to support an expanding Dragon armies and the new castles it requires to defend itself. The establishment of new Dojos and Shrines will insure the Dragon clan future while strengthening the Dragon diplomatic delegation will insure the Dragon are respected across Rokugan.

The Dragon Clan Champion also put as a priority the conversion of all the people living on the Dragon territory.

Finally, the Dragon need to prove the greatness of the Dragon Clan and eventually repeal the imperial edict protecting them. If they do not succeed, the Dragon might become a minor clan forever with the lands promised by Hantei I to Togashi falling under the guise of the other clans, most likely the Phoenix and the Lion.

However, repealing the edict open the Dragon clan to conflict with the other Clans. The Dragon must be ready to defend itself against those who will test the Clan mettle.

Dragon Clan

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