Dragon Families

Agasha Family

The Agasha family is truly struggling in this era, they have lost a major ally and much of their land when the Iron Fortress and the Remiki Vassal Family left the Dragon Clan.

This weakness has made the tribes bolder against them, especially the local Akiyari Tribe which where very effective against the family shugenja and lack of bushi as the Mirumoto family focused on their own problem.

The constant conflict with the tribe and the bitter betrayal of the Remiki family have made the Agasha far less peacefull then the clan founder. While they hope for peace in the long run they also realized that they faces dishonorable and untrustworthy enemies.

With only a fraction of their original land under their control, the Agasha cling to the walled city of Toshi Myiu, seeking help to prepare to push back toward the Akiyari and possibly take down the Iron Fortress.

Togashi “Family”

The Togashi also suffered greatly from the lost of reputation of the Dragon Clan. This decline is not due to land losses or military defeat but mostly to the lesser attraction of the Dragon Clan due to it status.

The Togashi are hence relatively few, with only two major monasteries the Monastery of Dragon Origin and the Monastery of Hidden Valley. The member of the order have been hence far more busier and active in the world, serving as both ambassador for the clan and protecting remote villages from tribal attack.

This have made the Togashi far more pratical but they still highly value seeking enlightenment, a chance now mostly given to older monk.

Mirumoto Family

The Mirumoto family burden is heavier then ever in this time. The Mirumoto familly lost much land to the tribes and the lion over 60 years ago. While the clan remain strong in men and the Mirumoto technique is as sharp as ever, the Mirumoto struggle financially and face constant conflict with the northern tribes.

Dragon Vassal Family

Dragon Families

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