Letters sent

Hida Goru has sent a letter to his father (Hida Kenzan), asking permission to teach the new style that Goru has invented to members of the Dragon clan.

My Dear Son,

I asked your Sensei to give you the permission to teach the new techniques you are developing to select Dragon student approved by one of his envoy. This envoy will arrive with some gold to help you set up your dojo and he will be accompanied by promising Crab warrior that could learn of your new abilities.

You must also agree that this technique will be taught back in the Crab territories by the best of your Crab students. I already found a suitable location for this new dojo.

I could see that sending you to the Dragon was a good decision and I have heard of your many feat of Strength.

May the code of Bushido and the word of the Shinsei guide your path.

Your Father, Hida Kenzan.

Letters sent

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