New Game Mechanics

New, Optional or Modified Game Mechanics

The following new mechanics are there to support the themes of the campaign.

Character Creation

Extra Health

New Skill Emphasis

Modification to the Cost of Advantages

Please inform me If any of the mechanical changes listed below negatively impact a school you are interested to play. We will find a way to improve or modify the school as required. All of the school changes will be recorded here:

Modification to School Techniques

Currently, the Yasuki Courtier (rank 1) might be buffed. All mass combat bonus mechanic will have to be changed as well (ex.: Kaiu Engineer rank 4) but so far only advantages have been modified.

Craft and Art

Optional Rules – Secrets of the Empire Crafting System

New Artisan and Perform Mechanic

Honor, Glory and Infamy

Modification to Honor, Glory and Infamy Gain – Loss Table

Optional Rules – Honor, Glory and Infamy Roll

Empire Management

Optional Rules – Court and Military Battle System

New Way of the Daimyo Mechanic

New Game Mechanics

Rise of the Dragon Philature Philature