Shosuro Infiltrator

Rank 1: The Path of Shadows

  • lose no honour for Low skills or Ninjutsu Weapons for service to the Scorpion Clan
  • 2k0 to all Stealth skill rolls

Rank 2: Strike from Darkness

When attacking undetected:

  • Raises are not limited by Void
  • add School Rank dice (k0) to attack roll
  • add School Rank / 2 dice (k0) to attack opponent with Condition (Stunned, etc)

Rank 3: Steel Within Silk

When attacking from ambush, or
When using ninjutsu weapons (Ninja keyword):

  • may make an attack as a Simple Action

Rank 4: Whisper of Steel

After making an attack (max one per round):

  • witnesses must make Contested Investigation (Notice) / Perception vs Stealth / Agility to detect you

Rank 5: The Final Silence

After damage roll, may spend VPs:

  • for each VP spent, set two dice to show 10s, which do not explode

Shosuro Infiltrator

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