This tribes specialized in using the bow and are close allies of the Hosaku.

The Yobanjin is the largest tribes in the north and control a vast territory.


Previously known as the Hiraku tribes, the Hosaku are lead by descendant of Chosaku himself who once captured the castle of Shiro Kitsuyama which is currently in the control of the Lion clan.

The tribes focus on using the spear and axes, forming the brunt forces of the northern tribes.

This tribes is smaller then the Yobanjin and one of it close allies. However, what it lack in size they made up in ferocity and cunning.


The tribes is the leader of the Iron Fortress.


The tribes of the red spear, lead by Akayari Kai, is a powerfull tribes claiming territories between the Iron Fortress and Dragon Origin in what used to be the Agasha family territories.

The red spear obtained their name from the red piece of died tissues and feather they attach at the end of their spear. They believe it bring them luck.

The Akayari tribes does not follow modern shintao but prey to the fortune of Tamon, Fortune of the North Wind. Tamon blessing is rumored to give them the ability to ignore the cold weather and walk on the snow.

Phil can you give us better background information on these tribes? Which are culturally more like the Empire? ie Do any of them pray to the same or similar fortunes? Do any of the, have the desire to settle into towns or is their cultural existence dependent upon nomadic traditions? Yes I am willing to put the peacekeepers and others to work on getting us answer to these and other questions. The Agasha are going to try converting the local tribes into members of the Dragon Clan where possible, if they don’t want to be Agasha I am fine with them being Mirimuto or Togashi family members , but I would rather have them be Agahsa family and Mirimuto school if they are to be split between the Mirimuto and Agahsa


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