Big Carp Town

This town is directly controlled by the Dragon Family Daimyo who directly appoint the governor of the town. It is the main stopping points from the gold, iron and other metals mined by the Agasha, the Mirumoto and the Iron Fortress to go trough the Turtle Hill to the Imperial city of Summer Breeze.

It is also a known fishing river, the carp are supposed to be huge and many a peasants will boasts having caught a very large fish. Even the samurais are joining in this local tradition.-


A small village in the road between the Iron Fortress and Dragon Origin.

The roads goes through mostly Agasha territories but the Mirumoto have been setting out guard tower along it to protect caravan going through.

The town is home to a very small but ancient temple now dedicated to the Fortune.

The city is now well know for the Fire Demon of Ohira which was defeated by the PCs.


The village of Nokoriyama is close to Dragon Origin and under the control of the Togashi.

The village is a rest and recreation town due to it Onsen. It is well known for it bath houses and hot springs that are common in the area. Also, the nearby cypress forest have beautiful path and is also a hunting ground for small game.


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