Turtle Hills

Those low rolling hill is home to many turtle some reaching quite a tremenduous size. The area is also home to small black bears and other small games.

This area was under the Dragon control but after the attack by the Hosaku it have fallen to bandit and got taken over by the Lion to secure this important trade route. Even today, many bandits roam the hills as the Lion and Dragon are more busy making sure they don’t step into each other lands.

Boundless Hills

The boundless hills are home to many rich deposits of mineral such as copper, tin and iron. However, the hills are also the home of many nomad tribes often allied with the Hosaku. The Lion patrol and control the areas which supposedly fall under the Dragon Imperial Land.

Dragon’s Head Mountains

The Mountain of Dragon’s Head are the highest in Rokugan. Permanently covered with ice and often covered by cloud, they can be seen from the Tall Grass Plateau, to Big Carp Town and up to the Red Gorge Castle.

Dragon’s Back Mountains

The Dragon Back, while less elevated then the Dragon Head, are still a formidable set of jagged mountain.

Quiet Hunter Forest

The large evergreen forest in the north of the Dragon land got it name from the many white tigers that roam the areas. The whole forest is home to many tribal groups and villages. It is rumored that larger villages, shrines and castles are hidden in the forest and serve as a back base to the Yobanjin.

Blue Cypress Forest

This forest is home to the magnificent blue cypress true. The area is however dangerous as it is home to many Akayari which have dotted the areas with small villages, often taken from the hand of the Agasha.

Red Maple Forest

This forest is home to the most prized wood in the Dragon Land and it is currently under the firm control of the Mirumoto which exploit it. It is dotted with many farmer villages and temples.

Emerald Lake

The lake have green sheen to it as per it name. It is a common tourist destination spot for many samurais across Rokugan.

Shallow Lake

Shallow lake is not very deep and it sizes vary a lot during the year which leave rich deposit behind ideal for rice farming. This is the only area of the Dragon Clan that is suitable for such a harvest.

Swam Lake

The richest lake of the Dragon Land, it is rich in fish which make the Splendid City the ideal place for a good traditional meal and his hence the favorite destination of many Crane samurais.


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