Rise of the Dragon

The Fall of the Yobanjin

The barbarian army was crushed by the Dragon forces lead by Yuto. The battle was won thanks to is strategies, Rokuro cunning trap (-1 honor), Yuki ice wall and Hida Goru charges.

The fall of the Yobanjin and the conquest of the Black Stone Castle lead the Dragon clan to a period of peace that will eventually release the Dragon from the Imperial edict in a few years.

+3 pts of glory to all PCs
+25 XP

Imperial Summer Court
Wherein the Rimiki rejoin the Agasha family

I am so confused about what happened this summer. It all started when we went down to summer court to stop the Rimiki from attaining the status of a minor clan.

I realized that we could most easily block them by arguing that they had never succeeded from the Dragon clan in the first place. After all if they had left the clan then that would have meant that they left the empire, and that would have meant turning their back on the Emperror.

Once I realized this I put my plan into action. I passed my arguments along to the Otamo courtiers (while pretending that I was merely “figuring out” their plans). I also suggested that they pass this along to the Crane and the Phoenix. Since their manipulation of the Rimiki could be interpreted as a violation of the Emperor’s order to not attack the Dragon, this would give everyone a face saving method of backing out. For all of this advice they thanked me with a “gift” of gold

That’s when things started getting confusing. The Crane invited us over for dinner where they gave us “ancient Isawa” gold (aka Rimiki gold) which I assumed was in thanks for the warning. But just to be certain (I often have difficulty knowing what a courtier is really saying), I repeated my warning about the potential loss of face when the Emperor made his “decision”. Since the gold they gave us was the same as the gold the Imperials gave me, I was under the impression that the Crane and Imperials were working to leave the Phoenix in the lurch.

The only possible wrinkle I can see in their plan was that Masayuki-sama allowed a Phoenix to close out the “arguments” to the Imperials. While it is possible that this had some consequences that I haven’t noticed, the end result seems to be exactly as I expected. The Rimiki once again officially acknowledge their vassel status to the Agasha family.

However the Crane seem to be acting as though things didn’t progress exactly as they had been informed of. While it may be good acting, I’m not certain why they would choose to put on such a show for me. They kept saying that the circumstances are different, but I don’t know what they are referring to.

On the plus side, we’re marching out to battle the Yobanjin now. I find the battlefield a much less confusing environment than a social court. There is something to be said about an environment where violence is always considered a reasonable solution.

- Hida Goru

+8 Duty Points for the “Isawa” gold since the daimyo did not accept his share.
+50 Duty points for absorbing the Remiki into the Dragon Clan once again.
+5 XP for all PCs.
-2 Honor Points for Hida Goru for various minor breach of etiquette involving the Crane diplomats and delegation.
+1 Glory Points for Isawa Yuki Ice Sculpture given to the Emperor.

Battle Without Honor

From Ikoma Sozen, Lion Ambassador to the Dragon Clan, to Akodo Daiki, High General of the Lion Clan 5th Army

The forces of the Dragon marched upon the barbarian Akayari army in Spring 137.

My informants tell me the battle began with a duel that the Dragon won through cheating. While the Dragon surrendered the culprit to the enemies they no less tried to kill their leader with deceit as part of a larger ruse. The Agasha familly Daimyo seems to have been implicated in that ruse and it shows the Dragon have no real sense of honor.

Early on, the barbarian army had the upper hand but eventually the Dragon magic and the general’s cunning led to a narrow victory from the Dragon. I suggest we should worry about such magic and watch their general closely.

However, my informants report that at the end of the battle, further signs of lack of Dragon honor were demonstrated when Matsu Yuto killed a captain of the Akayari army as he fled, arrows in the back.

I will keep a close watch on the Agasha family with further reports to follow.

2 XP for everyone
2 pts Glory for everyone for participating on the winning side of the battle
5 Duty Points to everybody for development of the Agasha lands by Rokurou’s Steel Hammers and Agasha IPO at the Daimyo’s direction
3 Duty Points to everybody for defeating the enemy’s army and securing the Agasha lands
Ayaka gains 4 pts Honor for facing a superior foe by attacking the enemy spellcaster and general in single combat
Ayaka gains 2 pts Honor for showing mercy to her opponent in the duel
Ayaka gains 1 pt Glory for winning the duel
Yuto loses 5 pts Honor for shooting a fleeing enemy in the back
Goru gains 1 pt Infamy for winning the duel through nefarious means
Goru loses 2 pts Honor for being an accomplice to Heisuke’s betrayal
Goru gains 4 pts Honor for bringing Heisuke to justice and being truthful to his Daimyo
Goru loses 4 pts Honor for setting the scene for Heisuke to attempt an assassination
Masayuki loses 6 pts Honor for setting the scene for Heisuke to attempt an assassination

Goru vs. 100
Wherein the Agasha family welcomes the Akiyari back to the fold

After numerous delays, we began to put an army together to convert the Akiyari. Before the army was ready, Heisuke came to me to scout out the enemy forces, so I gathered up a few Dragon Scale scouts and joined up with Heisuke, Rokuro, and Ayaka-chan.

After a few days of travel, avoiding any pointless encounters, we found a small army of about a hundred “soldiers”. I sent the scouts back to the Daimyo with all the reports we’d made of the enemy locations and prepared to gather intelligence on the enemy camp.

Heisuke wanted to “scout” out the enemy, Rokuro wanted to build a strong point for us to retreat to in the case of trouble. When Heisuke signaled us, Ayaka-chan and I charged the camp. These so-called “soldiers” were nothing more than armed civilians and they scattered before us.

The leader showed up just long enough to shoot an arrow our way, but fled as soon as I offered to fight her. She ran all the way to a nearby guard tower where some real soldiers shot me with arrows as I broke down the door.

Inside the leader and someone (perhaps the commander of the tower?) attacked me. Her poison arrow had no effect on me (who uses poison on a Crab? She’d be better off trying to drown a fish) and the commander fared little better. I introduced them to Grandpa (as well as some of the soldiers in the tower), before returning to Rokuro’s stronghold.

After resting a night to let Heisuke recover from the poison, we returned to meet the Agasha army. When we met with the Akiyari army the Daimyo decided to negotiate a peaceful absorption of the Akiyari. Luckily this will trigger several other barbarian tribes to attack the Akiyari (who are now under our protection), so there should be ample opportunities for me to practice my craft.

Ayaka, Goru, and Rokurou gain 1 point of glory for winning the battle
2 XP for everyone
12 Duty Points each for annexing Cypress Town

The Blessing of a Kami

The thoughts of Kuni Rokurou
I am really annoyed with Chisuzu, yet happy that she thought it best to come to myself and to Hida Goru when she had suspicions of Taint. Except she didn’t warn us right away that it was the Agasha Sensei she was suspicious of. It seems that even now as adults my twin manages to get both of us into trouble through no fault of my own.

“tripping” into him with some jade led to a rather unpleasant encounter. Even after being ordered by Hida Goru to come with us to discuss the issue, the Sensei refused. Chisuzu had a quite impressive Jade Strike, and I thought Hida Goru did pull back on his blow with the tetsubo. Too late. I went running for Agasha Masayuki.

An investigation ensued, followed by a court trial. At least the Taint appears to be cleared at present.

We then travelled to Dragon Origin for the spring session. The curse of Lord Moon needed to be cleared. On arrival, it appeared a festival was to take place. The Togashi himself led the ceremony, including the drinking of some sake (which tasted a bit off) that led to a sudden burst of energy and understanding.

A later report to the Clan Daimyo with the heads of the other families and their entourages led to a confrontation between Agasha Masayuki and the lead Phoenix clan diplomat – she denied at length that they were in any way responsible for the curse being placed among the Agasha shugenja.

We have choices ahead now, and many things that need to be done. There is the corruption that continues in the Agasha courts. There are refugees and gangs in the streets of the city. There are barbarians to be quelled. And there is the Remiki family holding of the Iron Fortress to be dealt with in one way or another. It sounds like the Remiki will be accompanying Crane and Phoenix diplomats to the summer Imperial Court at the City of Summer Breeze.

But more importantly, I am getting married. Agasha Masayuki and the Mirumoto have negotiated a marriage between myself and Mirumoto Ayaka. I look forward to the day.

+120 XP for obtaining a Kami blessing.
+ 60 Duty points for uniting the Agasha family
+3 glory pts for Rokuro beautifull fan.
+6 glory pts for all PC for behind acknowledge by a Clan Daimyo.

Lord Moon's Curse
Kazuya's fall

Incident report, Toshi Myiu, Temple of Lord Moon

H, in company of Matsu Yuto, Kuni Rokurou, Agasha Masayuki, and Togashi Kazuya (deceased)

Acting on information that the assault on Yuto and Rokurou was ordered by the abbot of the Temple of Lord Moon, we forced our way in. Kazuya claimed that he could sense Kuni Chisuzu (who had been missing for several days, see previous report) and 6 others in the main chamber of the upper floor. It would be valuable to learn the extent and source of his power, but as Kazuya died in the battle I am about to recount, we will need to locate a different subject to study.

Chisuzu was unconscious and laid out on the altar. She had been poisoned by the abbot, who displayed the antidote in order to incite an attack. Three reinforcements from downstairs joined the abbot in an attempt to seal off retreat. While I eventually killed the abbot, and captured his yojimbo (a Phoenix under daimyo Isawa Sugoi, and reporting to Isawa Izuru), 2 temple guards and 5 bandits, I was not able to do so in time to save Kazuya from the abbot’s spells.

Later questioning revealed that the bandits had been ordered by a local bandit lord to kill all of us, leaving Masayuki unharmed. Bandits have been executed. Investigation into bandit lord to follow.

The yojimbo was permitted seppuku.

Upon awakening, Chisuzu identified a scroll in the temple that had been used to curse Masayuki. I have obtained this scroll and separated it for safety.

+3 XP to all Players
-10 Honor for Agasha Masayuki for trying avenge Kazuya with a test of honor.
+10 Honor for Agasha Masayuki by showing courtersy and kindness to someone below his station by letting Shiba Kiu, the Yojimbo of Bankei, to commit seppuku and sent a letter to his wife.
+5 Honor to all surviving PC for facing a superior opponent in Agahsa Bankei.
+1 Glory to all surviving PC for having survived an encounter.

The Drunken Daimyo

To Mirumoto Migumi,

My Lord Husband drinking has caused me many difficulties but I have a group of young samurais that will help organize the Agasha familly despite my husband inability to unite the clan.

I hope you can put your trust into them.

Agasha Izumi,

+6 Glory Pts – Story telling for Kazuya great storytelling.
+6 Glory Pts – Ayaka Iajutsu Demonstration from his dojo
+ 2 honor for Ayaka enduring an insult from his sensei
-3 Glory Pts – Inactivity for Heisuku -2 pts for all others
+ 2 To Honor For Acknowledging His Weakness Heisuke
+ 1 Glory for Winning for Yuto’s
+ 3 Glory for Crafting Rokuro
+ 2 Honor fo Heisuke’s for covering the Daimyo Drunk
Stipend, All PCs get their Status x 3 Koku
+3 XP for all Characters
+ 3 Duty Points for All Characters Organization

Battle vs. Akayari
War bring no one to enlightenment

It is true what they say, “War bring no one to enlightenment.” While I have not yet had to endure a full scale war, the various battles and skirmishes that I faced over the summer were more than enough to convince me.

The worst came at the end of the summer when my friend Ming-la was injured and rather than allow us to get her proper medical care, the enemy chose to attack again. After ignoring my plea to avoid fighting, I was forced to injure several of their warriors in order to protect the clan holdings.

I know that it was necessary, but I can’t help feeling that if I had only had a chance to talk to them before the fighting began that perhaps the needless bloodshed could have been averted. It also can’t help the clan any when half the warriors sent to defend a tower are too badly injured to keep fighting.

So now I’ve been put in charge of some people to help me do just that. I plan to mold them into an organization of diplomats and courtiers who will be able to keep track of how our neighbors feel about us and give us a chance to find common ground and resolve our differences peacefully.

+10 XP

-5 glory or infamy for Inactivity for Kazuya and Rokuro, who spent some time during the down time for crafting.
-6 glory or infamy for Inactivity for all other characters.
+6 Glory for all players for the Battle of Swam Lake
+1 Glory for all players for having saved Ming-La in the skirmish
+3 Duty points for Yuto for having trained is army
+2 Duty points for Ayaka for having trained young duelist
+1 Glory for Kazuya new garden.
+2 Glory for Rokuro weapon craftmenship
+1.5 Status for the promotion in the Agasha Familly and the Dragon Clan
+1.5 Glory for having gain a new rank in the dragon familly.

Crouching Lion, Hidden Dragon
or the Tale of an Amazing Sword that really I could make a better one someday

To my esteemed mother,

Chisuzu has promised that this letter will arrive in your hands as soon add possible after returning to Crab lands. As to what my beloved little sister has been up to in these past months, I will leave it to you and Father to ask of her.

We have recently returned from the mountains to Dragon Origin. You may wonder why any souls should choose to travel during the winter, but the boredom of the outer villages would drive even a Dragon to drink. However, on our journey back, even with the foul weather, I was able to construct a fortress of snow that maybe even Grandfather could appreciate.

It seems during our journey in the mountains that a group of Lion bushi had arrived in Dragon Origin and were causing trouble. I first heard of it when Mirumoto Yukari-sama stopped by my lodgings and informed me of a Lion samurai wielding quite the amazing sword. I doubted that it could rival that of our greatest Kaiu engineers, and agreed to have a look for myself.

We were tasked to do something about the Lion bushi’s troublemaking, and it seems one of my companions, Togashi Kazuya made himself known to the Lion bushi, and found himself having to face the Lion duelist the next day. Now, Kazuya-san does not own a sword, but one of our Crab brethren loaned him a katana for the duel.

The Lion duelist turned out to be the sister of Mirumoto Ayaka, having turned away from the Dragon to become part of the Lion. She carried a sword that, although impressive, I am certain the design could be improved upon with some Kaiu ingenuity. Kazuya-san held his own quite well against a professional duelist, and then Ayaka-san and (Lion duelist’s name) had words, and another duel was fought. (Lion Duelist) was humiliated by Mirumoto Ayaka drawing first blood from her cheek.

Since then, it seems the city has calmed. I would like to take another look at that sword, however.

Our next journey will be back to Ohira. Chisuzu, I believe, has some stories for you and Father from the region.

- Rokurou

+3 XP – All Characters
+ 5 Glory – All characters for their promotion to Status Rank 1.5
+ 1 Glory – All characters to make it back to Dragon Origin in the winter
+ 1 Infamy for Heisuke for stealing medical supply
- 2 Glory for Kazuya for loosing his duel with Akodo Mitsuru
+ 5 Honor for Kazuya for facing a superior opponent
+ 4 Glory for Ayaka for winning her duel with Akodo Mitsuru
+ 5 Honor for Ayaka for facing a superior opponent
+ 2 Glory for Kazuya for showing that his a better storyteller then Ikoma Sozen twice

The Onsen of Norokiyama

After completing their duty in Ohira, the group headed back toward Dragon Origin. They lost Nanami on the way tanks to Shoshuro Heisuke. They also got caught by a Storm and had to take refuge for a few days in Norokiyama, a small town with a rather well known Onsen.

The day at the onsen began well enough, they party met Mirumoto Hama, Mirumoto Ayaka Sensei, and Matsu Yuto and Togashi Kazuya had courtly relationship with Kuni Shisuzu and Doji Uiko.

However, their stay was everything but restfull as Matsu Nobu was making a ruckus in search of a scroll box containing important historical scroll. He mostly bothere Shoshuro Heisuke, who believe is apprentice might have gotten trouble, and Togashi Kazuya who eventually find said scroll box and gave it back to Matsu Nobu.


+3 XP to all PCs
+4 Honor for Kazuay saving Nanami.
- 4 Honor for Kazuya for not helping Matsu Nobu finding the guilty party who stole his box.
+2 Glory Points for Heisuke who eventually receive a gift from Matsu Nobu.
-1 Honor Points for Heisuke for loosing Nanami.
+1 Infamy Points for Heisuke for loosing Nanami as her bodies is eventually found by the Akiyari which are not tight lipped about samurais poor treatment of the peasant.
+1 Duty Points for Yuto future army.


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