Isawa Yuki

Ice shugenja


Google Docs spreadsheet

Insight Honour Glory Infamy Status XP Remaining
226 (rank 5) 4.5 5.0 0.0 1.0 0 / 265

Rings (170 insight)

3 Earth 土 4 Water 水 3 Fire 火 3 Air 空 4 Void 心
3 Sta 4 Str 3 Agi 3 Ref
3 Will 4 Per 3 Int 3 Awa

Skills (55 insight)

High Bugei
2空 Artisan: Sculpture
2火 Calligraphy (Cipher)
3空 Courtier
2火 Divination
3空 Etiquette
1水 Investigation
2火 Lore: Theology
1火 Lore: Heraldry
2火 Lore: Geography
1火 Lore: Meteorology
2火 Medicine
3心 Meditation
2空 Perform: Singing
2火 Perform: Dancing
1空 Sincerity
5火 Spellcraft
2心 Tea Ceremony
2水 Athletics
2水 Battle
3空 Defense
1火 Horsemanship
1水 Hunting
2火 Knives
1 Craft: Food
1火 Engineering
1空 Temptation


0 15 Healthy (+0)
16 24 Nicked (+3)
25 33 Grazed (+5)
34 42 Hurt (+10)
43 51 Injured (+15)
52 60 Crippled (+20)
61 69 Down (+40)
70 78 Out
79 Dead


ML Universal Effect Page
1 Commune
1 Sense
1 Summon
ML Air 空 Effect Page
1 Tempest of Air 75’ long, 15’ wide cone deals 1k1, and contested Earth vs Air to remain standing L5R167
2 Call Upon the Wind May fly slowly for 1 min L5R168
32 Essence of Air Turn insubstantial for 5 rounds L5R169
32 Summon Fog Summon 50’ radius of dense fog L5R170
42 Gift of Wind Invisibility for 5 min L5R171
ML Earth 土 Effect Page
1 Elemental Ward Further spells of one element cast on subject take SRx5 penalty for 1 hour L5R174
12 Jurojin’s Balm Resistance vs poison, immunity to intoxication for 1 hour L5R174
ML Fire 火 Effect Page
12 Extinguish Put out all non-magical fires in area L5R181
ML Water 水 Effect Page
12 Path to Inner Peace Heal the amount TN was exceeded by L5R187
21 Be the Glacier Target gains SRx5 (max 20) Reduction, but can only move as a Free action L5R175
21 Grasp of Ice Target held by a claw of ice L5R176
2 Heaven’s Tears Healing or harming rain, depending on Taint and Honour BoW181
22 Yuki’s Touch Freeze a body of water within 100’ radius of caster BoW181
3 The Inner Ocean Target transformed into pure water for 5 min BoW182
41 Armor of the Emperor All damage dice against target are reduced by SR L5R178
41 Wall of Ice Summon a wall of ice for 10 min L5R178
62 Breath of Mist Summon fog & mire, 200’ radius for 30min BoW184
62 Peace of the Kami Complete heal L5R192
6 Water’s Sweet Clarity Divination L5R192

1 Listed as an Earth spell, but can be cast as an Ice spell, due to Acolytes of Snow path

2 Mastered spell (no scroll needed to cast).

Advantages (14)

6 Chosen by the Oracles +1k1 to all rolls with Water Ring
3 Dangerous Beauty +1k0 to Tempt opposite sex
3 Elemental Blessing Cost of raising Water ring traits decreased by 1
1 Resistance to cold

Disadvantages (-10)

-4 Wrath of the Kami: Fire Fire spells cast against you gain a Free Raise
-3 Disturbing Countenance +5 to all Social roll TNs
-2 Ascetic No unnecessary possessions
-1 Cast Out One temple treats your Glory as if it were Infamy

Abilities (8)

0 Isawa: Water Gain a Free Raise whenever casting a Water spell
10 Acolytes of the Snow May cast certain Earth spells as if they were Water
6 Kiho: Buoyed by the Kami (ML 3) May walk across water for 5min
2 Mastery: Yuki’s Touch (ML 2) Does not need a scroll to cast Yuki’s Touch


Family: Isawa (+ 1 Willpower)
School: Isawa shugenja (+ 1 Intelligence), affinity for Water and no deficiencies (though Fire would be appropriate)
Path: Acolytes of the Snow



With her long, flowing white hair, and dressed entirely in white, she is sometimes mistaken for a Doji, but there is something much colder about her.

Always fascinated with snow and ice, Yuki was cast out by a nearby temple when one of her experiments resulted in the death of a child. Since then, she has confined herself to mountaintops and other desolate areas.

The Temple of the Bounding Stag in the city of Akaska accuses her of having lured the child to her death.

Character Descriptor

I am an Isawa Shugenja from the Phoenix Clan working as a shugenja for the Dragon Clan Champion. My objective is to help the Dragon Clan to rise to major clan status because I had a vision that I would and I want to know why.


Going to skip this one, since I think we have enough NPCs already.


When did your character’s entourage notice his potential?

When one of her storms ended up killing a little girl who was unexpectedly out in the forest (looking for Yuki out of curiousity, as it turns out).

Your character has been out in the world for a while, what has he been doing?

Since killing the girl, Yuki fled civilization and has been living in remote places (mountaintops etc.) where she continues to practice her craft, exploring the junction of Water with Earth and Air.

What are your character’s views on honor and glory? Does he pursue those ideals?

Yuki was brought up with a traditional sense of honour, but she’s been out of touch with society for so long that she’s developed her own sense of right and wrong. As such, while she tends to be a bit brusque and dismissive of others, she is always mindful of her actions.

Is your character married?


Is your character religious?

She speaks to the Kami on a regular basis, so has a rather more mechanical view of the world around her.

Where does your character see himself in 10 years? If dead, how does your character expect to die?

Up until her vision, status quo (living on a mountaintop doing spell research). Since the vision, she’s been wondering if the sacrifice she saw will mean her death. She’s actually kind of detached from it, seeing it as another curiousity, another landmark in time.

Where does the player see the character in 10 years? If dead, how do you expect your character to have died?

Just as she does – either going back to research in the mountains, or sacrificing herself for a noble cause.

Isawa Yuki

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