Organization Mechanics


Organization don’t have sub ring attributes, only ring.

Organization don’t have Void butt have Wealth instead.

To raise a ring using duty points it cost double the duty points (as if you are raising both sub-attributes simultaneously).

The cost of Wealh is the same as for Void.

School Skills

Organization begin with four skills. Raising a school skill is done at a duty points discount of 2 pts to a minimum of 1 pts per increase.

An organization get a new school skill whenever it gain an insight rank. If the new school skills is not a rank 1, the organization get the extra duty points back.

Max Rank of Skills

An organization maximum rank in a skills is capped by its insight rank. The maximum rank a skill can reach is 5 + the organization insight rank.

Organization in Action

Organization are very useful for cooperative.

A crafting organization will give it skill rank as a bonus to crafting roll made by a PC.

They also don’t have to use a related ability roll as long as the gain is obvious.

For example, a PC riding a horse toward a town will get a bonus from engeering construction from the organization good roads.

Organization can give other organization the same cooperative bonus.

Different part of the same organization could also give itself bonus. For example, an organization rolling craft(farming) may get a bonus from spellcraft from having shgenja bless the crop. There is however a limit to self help, only one such skills can be used.

Organization Mechanics

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